30 December 2006

Maternity wear for the *ahem* "bountiful"

I am excited. For the past week, I have been wearing maternity clothes that actually fit thanks to the geniuses at Lane Bryant and the generousity of my mother who made donations towards a maternity wardrobe for her two preggo daughters.
I don't know if I'm the only plus-sized woman who has trouble with maternity clothes, but I am generally pretty unlucky in finding pants and shirts that fit all parts of me at the same time. For some reason, pants that fit my pregnant belly are saggy in the butt or thighs. And it seems to me that manufacturers insist on making maternity pants in tapered or straight leg styles, rather than opting for bootleg or flares, which are much more hip and normal-feeling, at least to me. And shirts that fit my bust are too short to cover maternity panels on said pants and usually are too high necked to flatter my no-neck/double or triple-chin.
No more, my friends! No more! Lane Bryant has added a maternity section to their online store (not available in stores, but I think they are returnable TO stores), so I ordered some basics -- black pants, white shirts and these jeans, with which I have fallen in love. They are a tad too long for my short legs, so I have to wear a shoe with a heel rather than my beloved Keens (though I figured out that my Keen insoles make every shoe better). But they have a great shape and no panel so they look good with all shirts. They are roomy, in fact, I would suggest ordering a size smaller in addition to one's regular LB size and returning whichever doesn't fit. They are are adjustable with side elastic tabs that make them bigger or smaller for wear in all trimesters and have pretty lightweight denim stretch fabric. I anticipate that they will be great post-partum, also. In fact, I'll be taking them to the hospital with me. The only downside is their price, but if you are clever and google Lane Bryant Coupon Codes, you should be able to find one for about 30% off, which is the price at which I bought them. And if you wear them every other day like me, they'll not be too expensive in the end.
At least, that's what I'm telling myself.


April said...

FYI, I was going to title this, "Maternity wear for Fatties" but didn't want to offend. Terms like "bountiful" are a little too froofy for me.

hip2b said...

I kinda like "bountiful"
I got a lot of surprisingly nice +size maternity things from JCPenney online...if it helps.