24 October 2006

Holiday hurrahs and hyperventilations

About three weeks ago, I began to get pretty excited about the upcoming holidays. I think it was right around the time that the weather changed. Then Flylady started her Holiday Cruise and I brought up from the basement my control journal that I filled in AFTER the holidays last year. I was excited to get it all going, but I have to confess that I haven't put a whole lot of effort into it yet.
Well, now I have motivation. My beloved sistah, Marissa/ Roo, who is #2 in the McClure-girl lineup, is getting married to soon-to-be-beloved soon-to-be-brother-in-law, Matt!! HURRAH!!! Thing is -- they are probably getting married on Dec. 23. That's Saturday, Dec. 23. That's Saturday Dec. 23, before Sunday Dec. 24. That's Saturday Dec. 23 before Sunday Dec. 24 which is Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve -- big day for pastors, let alone when it falls on Sunday and said pastors will be 34 weeks pregnant with a fairly complicated pregnancy. Hyperventilations.
So. It's going to be important... nay, crucial and essential that the holiday be brilliantly coordinated.
Which will be a huge change for me. I always have great intentions at this time of year, and by the time Christmas eve rolls around, I am still at church for 12 hours, running out to Wal-Mart at 3 p.m., finishing up Christmas presents at midnight, and going to bed far too late.
This year, it just has to be different. Has to be. Thank goodness for Flylady. Now I actually need to do the work to get it all together.


Anonymous said...

I hope that you have a good time in getting "into" the holiday swing this year!

Ah, and a Christmas wedding sounds delicious... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

You can do this April!! Do you have someone who will hold you accountable? I did that the year that we had Jeff's Christmas party here - like feeding 50 people...and I was pregnant too. :? I KNEW I had to be on top of it all - having someone who I KNEW would call me on Wed and say, "Ok, according to your list, you need to have done XYZ - how ya doin?" It meant I either had to take the time to change my phone number, knock my friend off or be on top of it all. I went with the easier choice. (I thought about changing my phone # though.) ;)

Praying for you!!
(Speaking as someone who did this to her parents - we got married 12/17... when my folks had a business that did 1/2-2/3 its annual sales for Christmas time.)

April said...

Oh, thank you, lovelies for your encouragement.
Yes, doesn't a Christmas wedding sound lovely!! My poor sister is going to have to be on guard that the other women in the family don't hijack this into a frosted fantasy.
Dawn, I checked out your blog yesterday to get some inspiration. It worked, of course! I might have to come whining to you at some point! You feel free to give me a cyber-smack at that point, ok?

Anonymous said...

Whine away, my dear! Where are you with your plan, thus far? (I don't have my FlyLady list anymore. We pretty much ditched gifts, so it wasn't as helpful for me!)

April said...

Hmmm... yes, a "plan" would be helpful, wouldn't it? *leaving to find a piece of paper...*

Anonymous said...

That's too funny -- our anniversary is December 23rd! There's nothing like a Christmas wedding! :)

Ok, so I'm joining you -- we have Thanksgiving at our house this year, but I'm now determined (thanks to your bravery!) to carry through with Christmas.

And you're 34 weeks along??? HOW EXCITED ARE WE? Hooray!!! This is too cool!!!!!

April said...

Sarah, I know you are going to have an INCREDIBLE thanksgiving!
And I *will* be 34 weeks pregnant that day. It's poorly worded. I'll edit that now. Sorry for the confusion!

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

Congrats to Marissa!