13 October 2006

Friday Five: Comfort, comfort ye, my people

With very cold and blustery sunshine-y weather and a congregant headed over this way any minute with soup and sandwiches for lunch, it's a great moment for a Comforting Friday Five from the RevGals.

1. Comfort drink
Constant Comment tea with a little bit of honey (best with shortbread, of course!)
When sick... really hot orange juice or lemonade

2. Comfort chair
I am in search of a comfort chair. We have a nice chair in our living room, but it doesn't just let one sink into it. In my sorority house, we had a great loveseat-type chair and ottoman that was perfect for homework and lounging, and probably snuggling, had I had anyone with whom to do that! I'd like a chair with that feeling someday. Actually, come to think of it, 10 years later, that chair is probably still there.
3. Comfort read
Whenever I have a chance to read for fun/ comfort, I always return to young adult fiction. Madeline L'Engle, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew, Lloyd Alexander, Narnia, Harry Potter...

4. Comfort television/dvd/ music
Well, we watch Intolerable Cruelty every few weeks and I love an Alias marathon whenever possible, but I'm not sure that's for comfort. Comfort music is mainly classical -- Bach's Mass in B Minor, or Rachmoninoff Piano Concertos, or Palestrina, or Vaughn Williams' Tallis. Hymns in a church with a marvelous organ and people actually singing -- that's the ultimate comfort music, to me.

5. Comfort companions
Most of the time, my sweet big love and my sweet little love. Other times, my sistahs. Sometimes my seminary friends. Sometimes my oldest friend, Trina, and a cup of coffee. And a shortbread. Shortbread makes everything more comfortable.
Anyone else want to play? You don't have to be a revgal! Let me know if you do.


Sally said...

love your music choices... and as for shortbread...what would the world be without it... esp when it's made with real butter!!!

I played too

Anonymous said...

Ah... hot lemonade... and I can spell "moire brennan" - sigh...

last Advent in Germany I discovered hot citrone (hot lemon juice) which, with a spoon of honey became my DOC (drink of choice) at the Christmas Markets!

And I didn't have this paper I'm procrastinating on, I'd be right over...

Unknown said...

I am so glad, what good choices. I like comfort tea too. What nice people to share the comfort with too.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm - Constant Comment with shortbread - I thought I was the only one who indulged. Lloyd Alexander is another delicious choice.

The only thing you missed was the fireplace by the chair. :)

Praying someone brings you shortbread - it will soothe some of the deepest aches.