20 October 2006

Friday Five: Word association

Five random words provided by the RevGals and my associations and some considered thoughts on why:

Whirlwind: Romance -- which, in my opinion, is the only way to have it. I told Dennis I was marrying him within the first two weeks. It's been bliss so far.

Foundation: Stone -- although the visual image in my mind was a keystone of an arch.

Lightning: Storm -- boring.

Den: Davenport -- as in "Grampa is in the den napping on the davenport" aka couch, sofa,

: Birds o' -- and the visual image of this is my sistah Marissa and her excited expression as a sixth grader when she was particularly fond of spotting birds of prey on drives and I'd point out spots on the windshield as stunning examples. I've never been very good with animals.


Kalin said...

I've never been very good with animals.

Understatement of the decade.

Anonymous said...

kalin....that is hilarious. just wait till the kids want a dog and dennis gives in.... hee hee hee.

anyway, in Kirkwood the grandmother would often refer to "Grandpa, is in the living room napping on the divann." ---ahhhh....