03 October 2006

The balance changes

Today we got to get out of the house and head over to Dixon to my OB for an ultrasound and appointment.
While we were there, we got to see some great pictures of .... our son!
That's right!! Littler McStew is apparently of the male variety, totally and completely shocking his mother and father. I don't know why, but I was quite sure that was a little girl in there. So much for that.
Anyway, we saw our little boy and right now all looks good on the ultrasounds. Since the accident, our perspectives on this genetic testing have changed a lot. Before it seemed unthinkable to not know for sure. Now it seems most important that we know we are all alive.
So we're preceding a little differently. Since we knew we would not terminate regardless of the test outcomes, we've decided to wait to do the amnio. My abdomen absorbed considerable blunt trauma in the accident and it needs time to heal. Hence we will continue to get monthly or bi-monthly growth scans and if anything worrisome appears, we'll get the amnio. Otherwise we'll wait 'til 32 weeks or so, since 32 weeks is on Christmas day. This way we'll still have the info going into labor and delivery and minimize any risks to baby. And me, I suppose.
The only odd thing is that I feel like we will be holding back a little part of ourselves and our possible excitement til that amnio gives us definitive answers. But we'll deal with that. We are all here -- Daddy, Mommy, big sister and baby boy.... a baby boy!!! (how crazy is that?)
For now we'll focus on enjoying all of this.


Anonymous said...

Oh April - a little man. That must seem quite different. :) I'm glad he is doing alright, safe and secure with his mommy at this time. I have been praying for him -without knowing he was a "him" of course. :) And praying for you and your husband and daughter.

So, God has protected him thru the accident...

I'm so thankful.

Crystal Starr said...

Oh wow a little boy!!! I think boys are in this season cuz it feels like everyone is having little men!!

I haven't had much time for blogging or reading blogs but I think about you everyday and pray for you, our dh, and your dd, and that little baby inside of you. But now I know he is a ds!

Many hugs and prayers April!!

Anonymous said...

Sir McStew?!! How WONDERFUL! I remember when our second child was a boy and I kept thinking how odd it would be. It was, but it was a really, really good odd. :)

I keep being amazed that Father has protected you all through this - what a plan He must have for your Knight in Hiding. It encourages me as I pray.

Be encouraged and strengthened and may HEALING flow from Father to you!

Anonymous said...

BABY BOY???!!!!!! Whooohoooo! They're every bit as much fun as the females are... lol... just wigglier (er, mine are, anyway).

Been thinking about you, so I'm glad to hear you're doing okay!

Life's Good said...

April, how exciting! A baby boy! I can't help but look in wonder at how your life is working out. I admire your faith and the way you are allowing Him to stretch it. Thinking of, and praying for you.


Scott said...

Hey April, I was just thinking of you and praying and I wanted you to know!! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

April, I've been lurking since I found out about you at Molly's blog several weeks ago. You and your baby have been so much on my heart and now your whole family as well, since the accident. I am praying for you! No matter what the future holds, remember the Lord carries you all in the palm of His hand. His grace WILL be sufficient for whatever He allows into your lives. God bless your sweet little boy.

Much love from a stranger,

Anonymous said...

April... I am sitting here in the dark, grinning from ear to ear. Ain't God grand and glorious and GOOD! LIFE. We have it today! And it is all *gift*. That thought changes *everything,* doesn't it?!

Enjoy the gift of today, my friend. The Giver is so generous.

All is grace,
Ann V.

Anonymous said...

Oh, CONGRATULATIONS, April!!! What a SUPER surprise!
We'll be praying for you, Dennis, sweet angel girl and Little Master McStew!

Crystal Starr said...

OOPS I just realized that I was signed in as my husband Scott!!! Sorry! So the comment by "Scott" was actually ME!! =)