08 February 2015

Chantilly Lace

A few weeks ago, I made a finger-knitted blanket for the little girl we are expecting in 9 weeks. I folded it up when I was done and put it on her dresser on which a satin box used by my grandmother to hold her gloves was sitting. 

Today I got the blanket out to show my mother-in-law, and very clearly caught the scent of Chantilly Lace, the perfume Grammy used to wear. I had never noticed that the box smelled of her perfume, but on the blanket the scent was obvious.  

This pregnancy has been hard. Not physically but emotionally.  There's been a lot of grief over "what wasn't" when I was pregnant with Elora and a lot of fear over "what could be" with this little one.  It's been overwhelming sometimes and sometimes I am just very afraid. 

Today was one of those days. But when I caught that whiff of Grammy's perfume it was like a little kiss from my grandmother. My heart sang a little. I felt a surreal sense of peace and a reminder that, come what may, Baby Girl and I are "held" right now and will be in the future, too. It was a gift. A gift from beyond. 

Thank you, Grammy. 


marlene welch said...

hi there well wanted to tell you thought I note you have not posted in awhile I ran across your magic circle hearts and an in love with your lively God loving spirit and have been blessed with making those hearts and loving every time I pull that string.... do not know if you will get this but blessings to you and yours Marlene Welch ..jwelchinc1@verizon.net

Hotel_Goddess said...

Love your blog - thank you for sharing!

Shepherds Fold said...

Was sent here to look at crocheted hearts to find so much more. Praying your sweet family is doing well and that you will one day post again.