09 March 2010

Trust as love

Today, I was listening to Midday Connection on Moody Radio. Sheila Walsh was the guest, speaking about a new book. Something she said caught my ear. It went something like this...
"I used to think that our gift to God is our Love. Now I think it is our Trust. Trust is our Love lived out. Trust is Love with flesh on."


Lori Neff said...

What a beautiful blog...!

Thanks for the mention. If you'd like to listen to Midday Connection again, you can do so on our website: www.middayconnection.org and click on "Past Programs".

Thanks for listening,
Lori Neff
Midday Connection Producer

April said...

You're welcome. Lori. And thank you for the link. I love Midday Connection and have listened for a long time. My favorite time to listen is when I'm in the car and children are asleep! :)