19 January 2010

Joy and heartbreak at the same time

The kids from the BRESMA orphanage have gotten out. God bless the Pennsylvania governor who went and got them. My friends received word that 54 children were on the plane -- everyone but their two.
I continue to pray...

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~liz said...

oh april..i'm so sorry about this. we're all getting frequent updates on the orphans flown into our city (pittsburgh), but i didn't know that your friends' orphans were meant to be on the plane as well. i will pray! keep me posted, okay?
i am with you. i have been snuggling more, talking more with our boys about the quake. it's heartbreaking to watch your 6-year-old's lip quiver when he hears about the children who have lost parents....parents who have lost children. i can't read anymore about parents who are waiting to see if their kids, who are trapped UNDER THEIR HOUSE are still alive. when my mind goes there, i stop and pray. it's all i can do in the moment until i collect myself.