09 November 2009

Parenting book realization

I read a lot of parenting books. A LOT. I think I have a tendency towards obsession with self-help type stuff, anyway, and reading parenting books fulfills that in (what I can generally pretend is) a healthy way.

I realized something the other day and that is this... parenting books written by people who have two children three or four or more years apart are a lot different than parenting books written by people who have four or more children two years or less apart. Seriously -- big difference. Furthermore, I realized that the more kids an author has, the less he or she has to say about what a parent can do and more she or he has something to say about what God can do. There's just so much resignation (in a good way) from those people. It's inspiring.

And even farther-furthermore, I realized that the two-kids people often share wisdom that is really inspired and some great insights, techniques, etc, BUT the people I'm going to be referencing are the people with the zillions of kids. Even though I only have three children, there's something about reading the thoughts of people who have been-there-done-that (...and more!) that is so very helpful. It's one of the many reasons I love Holly's blog, and Tonya's blog, and Ann's blog, and Amy's blog, and Molly's blog...among many others. There's a wide range of theology and practices out there, but when graciousness is present, it is inspirational...and motivational...to this mom of three. Thanks to those of you who share.


Tonya said...

Thanks for posting those links! I grinned when I saw myself included:). I had never been to Holly's blog before. I think I'll plan to spend some time reading one of these days..if I can find some.

Having kids two years, or less, apart is it's own challenge I agree. Somebody really needs you all the time and mostly it's more like two somebodies who need you simultaneously. I pray for grace a lot but I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. Goodness, I'm rambling. Can you tell I'm tired right now?

April said...

You really are an inspiration, Tonya. And it's obvious to me that you pray for grace a lot because grace is what shines through. Thank you.

Enjoy Holly's blog. She really is a gift.

Holly said...

Oh my word, April. Thank YOU! I...know nothing about parenting. Nothing. And I am knowing less all of the time!

And I used to know EVERYTHING! So disconcerting! :)

But YES!!!! - God knows and it is His work anyway.

I think YOU are a fabulous mama - and I learn things from you. (Not to mention I drool jealously over the beautiful crocheted items you make for your babies.) :)

Thanks, April.

April said...

See? That's what I mean... resignation, in a good way! Love you, Holly! :)

April said...
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Amalee Issa said...

Happy Thanksgiving, April, Dennis and chicks.

(Although you'd have made a really lovely Englishwoman had your ancestors STAYED and not become colonials...sniff sniff. Pass me the gin bottle, Jeeves, and throw another log on the fire will you?)