13 October 2009

A glimpse of things to come

So I've hesitated to say it here, "out loud" as it were, but Dennis and I are pretty sure that we are going to be homeschooling our kids. We've not started anything formal, but Annalivia has a little math workbook that she likes to do. It has counting and numbers and she gets to draw things. She always wants to "do math homework" so I let her.
Today, I was sitting at the table helping her and trying to pay bills online with Emmeliese on my lap while Daniel was sitting on the potty hollering about his progress there. Emmeliese was grabbing the computer and fussing, Annalivia was asking questions and Daniel was yelling to be wiped as the microwave alarm reminded me that lunch needed to be removed.
I wish I could link to my blog-friend Tonya's private blog where she took time to write out a journal of her day as a homeschooling mother of six. It was hilarious and totally delightful. I'm actually looking forward to this sort of chaos. :)


~liz said...

yay! :) it took me a long time to admit it after we made the decision (or...after we finally felt God's leading us in that direction...a direction i never thought i'd go in!) to homeschool as well. it's a trip! it is crazy, but so much FUN! at least first grade is fun. :)

Tonya said...

I was pretty sure you had it in ya...:):):). The main requirement for homeschooling (according to yours truly) is finding hilarity in chaos. You should be just fine.