12 July 2009

The Momma is crazy

Today I returned from a little trip up to Chicago with the three kids. That's right -- one momma, three children aged 4 and under -- on vacation, in Chicago. Surprisingly, it was mostly fun! We stayed in the Loop, rode the train and the bus a whole bunch, saw lots of interesting things, did LOTS of walking --even in the rain, had ice cream with Aunt Cyndi, and took a taxi when our legs, patience and tempers gave out on us three block from the hotel near naptime. And now I know what I need to differently next time. Chief amongst those things -- begin planning vacation more than 12 hours before taking one.
FYI -- Daddy stayed home and worked on the new house, oversaw the completion of the new basement, built a wonderful staircase involving major architectural work, tore up the kitchen floor and took out the old cabinets, did a thousand other things I don't quite understand, and, most importantly, didn't feel guilty because we weren't at home wishing Daddy was here with us. (Not that we didn't wish he was in Chicago with us, but y'know...there are TRAINS there! And we're easily distracted.)
I wish I had pics to post, but I had Emmeliese in the sling and Annalivia and Daniel in each hand. There was no free hand for picture-taking. Luckily y'all know what Chicago looks like, right? Just picture us there. :)

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