01 May 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. TomorrowToday, May 1, I turn 34.

2. I have a rather significant case of the flu right now. It's not very helpful to get sick when the talk-about-town is all about the "pandemic."

3. Annalivia has a preschool program on Saturday. I'm excited to see her perform her songs and do whatever they do. She's excited, too. I pray I feel ok.

4. My mom and two sisters and I are doing something new with meals -- we are each taking a day for four days at the beginning of the week and preparing meals for the rest of the families and my grandfather. It means we don't have to cook for four days, at least, and we have leftovers to eat for lunches/ on the weekends. It's awesome!

5. We made an offer on that house I mentioned long ago. It was accepted. We may have thrown a bit of a wrench in it today, though -- we had planned to pay cash and get a loan for the fix-up, but found out that taking out a mortgage vs. a construction loan saves us 3% in interest rates. Tomorrow Today I have to go sign for a mortgage loan (I sent Dennis on his own today) and pray that the sellers are ok with this switcheroo.

6. Tomorrow Today is also May Day. If I feel well enough, I'm planning to have my kids make paper cones for flowers to take to the neighbors. I'm fairly certain I won't feel well enough, so this might wait until next year.

7. I think my blogging desires are being partially satisfied by Facebook. Instant feedback like that on Facebook is a slightly addictive thing, I think, for those of us who process life verbally. I realized, though, that I really like having a record of our family life in more than just a few words or sentences, so I might try to get back to a more regular blogging schedule. But I might not, too.

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~liz said...

happy may day! and happy birthday! i hope you're feeling better soon...

Lucky Fresh said...

I do hope you feel better by now.

And, quite frankly, while facebook may fulfill your urges to write; it does not fulfill the needs of the rest of us to read your blog. It's not at all the same!

I'm finding I like to work them together. Mention something on facebook and then expound in blog. But I started blogging second. I actually think facebook was a gateway drug for me.

Anyway, good luck on the house! I'm assuming you're finding replacement tenants before you move out? You have another couple sisters who haven't lived there yet, right?

Lucky Fresh said...

By the way, how did you do that fancy cross-out thing on the word "tomorrow"?