12 October 2008

Cookout, cider and celebrations

This afternoon, our family is getting together at my parents' house to press cider from their apple trees. I've never actually been in on one of these pressings since my adulthood, but I've heard they are great fun. And I remember when I was a child, a friend's family pressed cider in our old neighborhood and we were all invited. Drinking the fresh cider was quite the treat.
After the cider pressing, we are having a cookout in honor of Grammy's 84th birthday, which was actually on Wednesday. Sublime Aunt, Jetsetter Uncle, and the cousins will be there. It should be great fun, too. I've made the potato salad and some homemade chocolate ice cream. My sister is bringing angel food cake and vanilla ice cream. It's going to be a tasty affair.
Today also happens to be my parents' 34th wedding anniversary. My parents inspire me in many ways, but one of the most inspirational things is seeing their marriage continue to evolve and turn towards each other. They have worked very hard and continue to work hard at loving each other. I'm glad to honor that bond today, too.
The only thing I'm not excited about celebrating is the dang little no-see-ums that are inhabiting the farm right now. It is 83 today here -- WAY too warm for fall -- and the bugs are out en force. Heat and pregnancy don't meet well for me. Add biting bugs and I feel pretty frazzled. But luckily, the good will far, far outweigh the bad today. It is a day of celebration and I intend to enjoy. Despite the bugs.

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Tonya said...

Ooooo. Sounds divine. I want to invite myself. I've never been to a cider pressing but it sounds very fallish. Praying that the no-see-ums will leave you alone. Maybe there will be a nice breeze to blow them away:).