12 August 2008

Proper gymnastics gear

We watched the Olympics tonight for the first time (we don't have tv down in Eureka). Annalivia had taken a long nap at about 5 p.m. and so I let her stay up to watch the show. She was captivated, of course. And almost immediately, she started doing gymnastics off of the ottoman. After a short while, she came up to me and said,
"Can we get a beam and some bars like for those girls? And some white stuff for my hands? And a red ponytail holder?"
I think a red ponytail holder is counted among that which is necessary for gymnastic performances, don't you?


more cows than people said...

absolutely, red ponytail holder is a must!

are there any little girls who aren't captivated by gymnastics and figure skating? i know i wouldn't miss either when i was a kid.

i haven't been watching the olympics, just because we don't have cable, and i don't have much time at the moment. that makes me a little sad.

alicemooberry@hotmail.com said...

You must be 'wired'. I saw you and your family walking down the street from your house (on S Main) yesterday. I was the bronze Impala with no brakes!!! I was going to work at the Library (you must visit!) however, went instead directly to Sancken's. If you will notice their sign says: 'Stop in for brakes, if you can'!!!!! Glad to see you are almost moved back. Hope to see you around! (I hear the class reunion went very well...good for you guys!)
Alice Mooberry

Jim and Amy Rennie said...


I was telling Jimmer last night that I think EVERY little girl wants to grow up to be a figure skater or gymnast. I know even when I was like 16, non-athletic, and overweight, I still had a real feeling I might somehow be able to start training and still do it. My first "novel" was written at age 12 . . .a romance about a 16 year old Belgian Olympic ice skater named Katrina. hahaha

And yes, the red ponytail holder is SO important. As is the white powder for the hands, the tape!, and the sweet shiny tight outfits.

April said...

Oh, Amy... we are kindred spirits indeed. Just yesterday, watching the Olympics, I had a fleeting, "I wonder if I could still do it..." thought. Hilarious.

Alice, we still aren't hooked up in Eureka, but will definitely be by the library.

Sarah, I think you may be better off. I have a hard time turning them off, even after midnight. It's pretty ridiculous.