10 April 2007

My time, which is not mine

ARGH... today is one of those days that seems to have been allotted less time than other days. Between church folks in crisis, children needing something or other, food in the refrigerator that needs to be cooked before its last breath, toys and books and coloring papers all over the floor, dishes that need to be washed, children needing something else or another... I remain unshowered and unable to accomplish much of anything on any tasks associated with the aforementioned list. I'm only blogging because Daniel is eating and I can type with one hand and hold the bottle with my face at the same time (perhaps the only advantage to having a double chin.) Some days just seem to be stacked in the favor of a ticking clock. This is one.
Ok. I'm done whining.


Anonymous said...

Yet even on days when the ticking clock appears to be winning, you do a wonderful job.

Thank you so much.


April said...

Oh, I do love you so.

You do know what the living room might look like when you get home, right?

Amy said...

Days like yours tend to be when I blog too!

revabi said...

U got the post Easter blues.

I know cause I do too.