30 October 2006

Happy Halloween!!

Tomorrow night we are going to be out in our driveway where we have bales of straw set up along with some festive pumpkins, grilling hot dogs, sipping cider, and passing out food and candy to congregants and neighbors who happen to trip by the parsonage. If any of you are around, feel free to stop by, too! A little unicorn will be very happy to see you!


Crystal said...

OK she is seriously way too cute!! I LOVE her costume!!!!!!

What a great idea to hang out in the drive way and pass out real food!!! Hot dog! It sounds like a fun time! I wish we lived closer so I could get me one!!

We are going to "trick or treat" around our neighborhood and try to meet some new neighbors. Also we want to personally thank all of our neighbors who helped us and prayed for us during both of Emily's stays in the hospital. We are so blessed!!

Dawn C said...

She is the cutest unicorn I have EVER seen!!!

revabi said...

What a cutie.

Wish we were closer to come by.

Have a great Halloween!

Sarah said...

Oh my word! April, she is BEAUTIFUL!!! That is just a PRECIOUS costume and she is GORGEOUS!!!