18 October 2007

That bone has canine marks in it

My sistah, Kalin, is the youngest of the four McClure girls (known around Eureka as "The four McClure girls"). She is 11 years younger than I, 9 1/2 ish years younger than Roo, and 4 years younger than Lil. In other words, her life is cake.
(No, not really...but...sorta.)
The thing about Kali is that since she was born, her older sisters have been throwing ourselves upon the pyre trying to get Kali to toss us a figurative bone. We've been trying to impress her since she was a round, wrinkly little one, hoping for some token "Well done, sistah. You may be dismissed." And we've kept at it as she's aged and not just because she's slated to take over Dad's financial planning business and will eventually hold our financial futures in her extremely capable and unattainable hands. We just want some part of Kali-dom, so we end up trying to think up increasingly clever ways of getting her approval.
And we've been denied.
Oh, she loves us, yes, but for the most part we're all haunted by a sneaking suspicion that she could pretty much take or leave us.
I have been thinking about all of this because recently, Kalin has been updating her blog. I usually try to read her blog when a.) I'm not drinking anything lest it end up coming out my nose when I laugh and b.) when my bladder is completely empty lest, well, you know... Sometimes she uses technical terms I don't understand like "futures and options market" and "commodity trading" and "horse", but for the most part, her blog is pure mirth. Or at least, it was.
Anyway, a couple of days ago, she added to her blog a little section that explains a little more about her. It is charming of course, but the real highlight is this brief sentence, (it really deserves its own line...
"I’m the youngest of four girls and my sisters are my best friends."

FINALLY!! THE mythical figurative BONE!! I would not be lying when I tell you that my eyes teared up a little bit when I read that.

Then I was talking to Lil about it and relating how I chose to ignore the fact that closely following the sistah sentence, there is a link to six bulleted descriptions of her animals (incidentally, there are six of us in our immediate family... hmmm...) and Lil pointed out that she is highly suspicious that the sentence in Kalin's dossier that reads, "Along with my family, my pets are very important to me," originally probably read, "Along with my pets, my family is very important to me." I conceded that could be the case, but I continued to give my precious little sister the benefit of the increasingly-more-probable doubt.

Then I saw in her new Google ads section that Kalin has a new family. To refresh your memories, our real family looks like this...

Slightly pale and somewhat in disarray, granted, but that's no reason to turn to these folks.
Is that Skippy, Madison, Breanna and Ali McCloor at their Cancun vacation home? Interlopers.
Bone, indeed. Kali, how could you?


Kalin said...

Little-Known Fact:
"I’m the youngest of four girls and my sisters are my best friends" was originally written as "I’m the youngest of four girls and my sisters are my only friends." You know how I like creative writing.

Jan said...

Since I have no sisters or brothers, it is interesting for me to read about your sisters and you. Maybe that's why I ended up with FOUR kids of my own. . . .