12 October 2007

Daniel's day off

Today the McStews were visited by some good friends who happen to be interviewing in our fair city-ish for a position. They came for breakfast and some good conversation and then left for the interview, leaving their 2-year old son to play with us for a few hours.
Since I'm apparently raising a little hun (who was recently removed, in dramatic and wailing tears, from a public pumpkin patch by her mother, after pushing a little girl down when the poor child dared to enter a playhouse which my daughter had claimed) I tried to soften Annalivia up to the idea that little E would be coming to visit. "E is coming," I said, "And you're going to be a good and kind friend and share your trains." I said this approximately 9,732 times between last night and this morning, but realized I missed something when I found Annalivia playing with a little car this morning and told her that I would find Daniel's little car of the same style for E to play with and she replied emphatically, "No. E play with trains."
Needless to say, Annalivia was non-plussed by a contender for her trains and cars, books, baby dolls, chair, etc. She had a hard time sharing and spent a good deal of time in the corner or on her bed or in tears.
E, for the most part, played on. He's a daycare boy and knows how to handle other children's temper tantrums, shoves, and shouts of "Noooooo!!! MINE!!" and "STOP, E!!! MINE!!!" and "Shoo, E!! GO AWAY!!! MIIIINNNNNNEEEEE!!!" I think he actually had a pretty good day.
The other person who had a good time was Daniel. Usually he's the recipient of Annalivia's ownership issues. He basically crawled around and destroyed carefully constructed train circles and various other creations, but was largely ignored in favor of the child who could respond in kind with shouts, cries, and attacks. Daniel, unfettered, really enjoyed himself.
And when I was telling Annalivia and E's godfather about the day this evening, I told him that Daniel had the day off and he told me that should be the title of the blog post for the evening. And so it is. Though perhaps "The Rampages of Annalivia the Hun" would be more appropriate.


Jan said...

You sound like such a loving mother. I remember that my kids had such a hard time learning to share, and how I'd move them towards that concept, I'd talk about "taking turns." Each one would get a turn and then another turn and so on.

Jimmy said...

oh my gosh....i have laughed out loud. great pics too.