14 October 2007


  • A Laura Ashley flannel sheet set in the loveliest rosebud pattern, found on sale, and washed up deliciously by my sweet love to create a divinely scented and welcoming bed on a brisk autumn night

  • A surprise 83rd birthday party for one of my dearest parishioners who was actually surprised despite the fact that our entire community knew about it

  • A lovely linen cutwork tablecloth and a soft embroidered and crocheted tablecloth and some crisp Christmas pillowcases found at an antique store

  • A different furniture arrangement that allows for plenty of play and does not allow for the presence of television

  • A pile of wonderful fabrics and the promise of a quilt class on Saturday next

  • A restored turtle nightlight that, with the addition of new batteries, makes bedtime a tad easier

  • A perfect cup of Constant Comment tea and three Walkers' Scottish Shortbreads all to myself

  • Anne and Gilbert together, apart, together

  • A sweet love who is the definition of long-suffering, generous, sacrificing, and brilliant (not to mention strong and manly)

    What delights you lately?

1 comment:

Jan said...

Thank you for sharing your delights! Lovely to read slowly down your list. My delight this morning was baking blueberry muffins for my 17 year old daughter, last one of four at home. I used to bake a lot for the family when they were all at home, but haven't too much with this last one. MJ hugged me and thanked me when she saw the warm muffins, cooling. I need to do this more often!