03 April 2007

100 Things Contest

4/4: Please see prize update at bottom of post!!
In honor of the 100th day of the year, which is Tues. April 10, and all of the free time with which those of us in church leadership will find ourselves in the days immediately following Easter (y'all have not a thing to do, right?), I am sponsoring a 100 Things About Me contest.
The jist -- you write your 100 Things and post it here, and your name will be entered into a random drawing for a fabulous prize somehow related to the number 100. Actual rules follow.
More than receiving the token prize, I think the blessing for most of us will be in sharing this spiritual exercise together. God is with us all of our days -- the busy, the lazy, the joyous, the downright hard. I think sharing these Things, as mundane as they might seem, allows us to see, with a little more clarity, his fingerprints on our lives. At least, that is my hope. So whaddya say? You in?

Here are the rules:

1. Contest begins now and ends on April 15, thereby allowing all of us to focus on something in addition to getting our taxes to the post office by midnight. A winner will be named shortly thereafter.

2. Entries should be in the form created by lovely Queen Heroical at this link . Please number your list like hers, too.

"I have lived.." followed by 10 things
"I have witnessed..." followed by 10 things
"I have heard..." 10 things
"I have lost..." 10 things
"I have found..." 10 things
"I love..." 10 things
"I can..." 10 things
"I loathe..." 10 things
"I hope..." 10 things
"I am trying..." 10 things
Please use these categories, though you may rearrange them as you'd like. And though QH is amazingly creative, please try not to plagiarize her any more than necessary.

3. It's ok if entries were published before this contest began.

4. Entries must be posted in the comment section of this blog. Feel free to link to your blog, but do copy your Things here so we can all enjoy them in one spot.

5. Anyone can enter -- clergy, laity, man, woman, Jew or Greek, slave or free. Entrants must, however, be human and living on Earth. As charming as it is, I don't care about the 100 Things about one's pet. Sorry.

6. I reserve the right to erase any icky entries. Challenging is ok. Vulgar isn't.

Updated to add: I've decided the prize will be a gift certificate in the amount of ten sets of 100 pennies to Amazon.com. NOW are you in??


Anonymous said...

"I have lived.."
1.Within a half mile my whole life.
2. My whole life without trying cigarettes.
3.On moose and salmon.
4.In the same room as my Grandmother (for 2 years)
5.Without running water.
6.With an outhouse
7.Through kidney stones
8.For 31 great years.
9.Next door to both of my brothers.
10. In a bus. (for a few months)

"I have witnessed..."
11. The birth of 6 babies other than my own.
12. Paramedics attempting to save a life.
13. The Northern Lights
14. The start of the Iditarod
15. A last breath.
16. My daughter’s baptismal.
17. My parents’ 40th anniversary
18. A high-speed moose/car collision.
19. A house burning down
20. A drunk asleep in the middle of the road.

"I have heard..."
21. The Good News!
22. A medic shouting “Clear!”
23. A baby’s first breath
24. The sound of a racecar beneath me
25. A hunting rifle breaking the silence.
26. My children read aloud for the first time.
27. My Dad saying “I’m proud of you.”
28. Deafening silence.
29. The beauty of acapella praise.
30. Belly-laughter from a baby.

"I have lost..."
31. All of my grandparents.
32. My wallet, too many times.
33. My husband’s wedding ring money.
34. My cat, “Whatever”.
35. The ability to water ski.
36. Friends.
37. My desire to move away.
38. My ability to speak French fluently.
39. The capability to wear nylons.
40. Weight. But I always find it again.

"I have found..."
41. A dead whale.
42. That some of my best friends are my family.
43. That cheese bagels are best when hot.
44. That real friendships last, even across the miles.
45. There really are different “love languages”.
46. That when it comes to movies, comedies are best.
47. The perfect frosting recipe.
48. That winter in Alaska gets longer each year.
49. That my children don’t stay babies long enough.
50. A tarantula in my hair.

"I love..."
51. My Heavenly Father.
52. My earthly father and mother.
53. My husband, the father of my children.
54. My four children, more than I ever knew I could.
55. My little home in the woods of Alaska.
56. Mowing the lawn, in spite of my allergies.
57. Trout fishing.
58. Dr. Pepper.
59. Whale watching.
60. Hooded sweatshirts and jeans.

"I can..."
61. Write backward, upside down, and mirror image with both hands.
62. Give birth to a 10 pound, 4 ounce baby. At home.
63. Cook salmon countless different ways.
64. Hunt moose.
65. Race cars.
66. Drive a stick shift.
67. Back up a truck and trailer, better than most men. (Bragging? yep.)
68. Butcher a pig.
69. Fit a whole sandwich in my mouth in one bite.
70. Bake a cherry pie, Billy-boy, Billy-boy.

"I loathe..."
71. Cigarette smoke.
72. Drunks.
73. Mosquitoes.
74. Foul language.
75. Injustice.
76. Abortion.
77. Immodesty.
78. Lying.
79. Bad breath.
80. Slavery.

"I hope..."
81. My children grow to love the Lord.
82. My Daddy never dies.
83. I never get cancer.
84. Modesty makes a come-back.
85. Hilary Clinton loses badly.
86. My sister goes gray before I do.
87. My mother lives as long as her mother did.
88. Tom Cruise leaves scientology.
89. Our car makes it another 3 months.
90. That my 9 year old son always thinks I’m cool like he does now.

"I am trying..."
91. To live my life for Christ.
92. To make my parents proud.
93. To be an encouragement to my husband.
94. To smile at my children more often.
95. To drink more water.
96. To not let the snow bring me down.
97. To be less judgmental.
98. To make more time for my six year old to sit on my lap.
99. To use the computer less.
100. To win $10 at Amazon. 

April said...

Yay, Leah!! Thanks for posting this. And posting first!! So far you've no competition for that gift certificate! :)

Anonymous said...

"I have lived.."
1. a wonderful and challenging life.
2. in a little place in Texas.
3. in a big place in Kentucky, complete with waterfall.
4. with my grandparents, both maternal and paternal.
5. next to railroad tracks, most of my life.
6. with a kind old gentleman who needed company.
7. in a single bedroom with my husband and daughter, and been glad of it.
8. in a cozy little apartment with a wonderful courtyard to play in.
9. in a little red house, as happy as can be.
10. with the best Mama I know! xoxoxo

"I have witnessed..."
1. biscuits made with spice caps.
2. papa's belly being used as the ultimate pillow.
3. temper tantrums disolve when water was applied.
4. the loving patience of a grown man allowing his hair to be put in curlers.
5. a kitchen full of children grinning and making odd noises when Mama would say, "Grab it and growl!"
6. the most gorgeous man in the world walking through my door every day.
7. unexpected heartbreak when death comes "too soon".
8. beautiful works of art on the fridge.
9. little hands caressing my cheek.
10. the amazing strength of a hug.

"I have heard..."
1. they are just jealous.
2. I would kill or die for you and your sisters.
3. I don't know if you are the one.
4. you'll never be pretty again.
5. you look as beautiful to me today as the day we first met.
6. everyone just tolerates you because they are my friends.
7. I do.
8. you are my best friend in the whole world, Mommy.
9. I'm sorry, we've done all we could.
10. it wasn't your fault.

"I have lost..."
1. my purse.
2. my keys.
3. my mind!
4. the closeness of having my family together.
5. my faith.
6. my hope.
7. my boys.
8. my innocence.
9. my waist.
10. friendship.

"I have found..."
1. my purse.
2. my keys.
3. some of my sanity.
4. contentment with my small family.
5. faith in God, just as He is.
6. hope in life eternal.
7. dreams of wrapping my arms around my boys, when I get HOME.
8. strength to be simply who I am.
9. a comfortable grey jumper dress.
10. that my best friend kisses me 'goodnight' every night before turning off the lights.

"I love..."
1. God- even when I don't understand.
2. my husband, through the good times and the hard.
3. hugs from skinny little 'princess' arms.
4. 'love pats' from grandma.
5. deep conversations with papa.
6. breakfast with dad.
7. sitting on the porch, just talking with mama and watching the grass grow.
8. comfortable Sunday drives.
9. the smell of books.
10. singing at church.

"I can..."
1. cook resonably well.
2. crochet blankets, hats, scarves, and sweaters.
3. sing on key.
4. sew modest articles of clothing.
5. teach my daughter to read!
6. bake yummy apple pies.
7. smile like "Donkey" from Shrek. lol
8. do drywall work.
9. walk 2 miles with a 40 lb. child on my back.
10. think best while soaking in the tub.

"I loathe..."
1. snakes
2. rhubarb
3. leaches
4. children cussing
5. waiting for test results
6. being tickled
7. sugar addiction
8. my shows being dropped in the middle of the season
9. holding my child down for stitches
10. having to bury babies

"I hope..."
1. that what I know about God is true.
2. that we can celebrate our 50+ wedding anniversaries.
3. that my mom finds peace and happiness.
4. that my dad comes to faith.
5. that our daughter loves God just as much on her last day as she does today.
6. that my sisters never *need* for anything.
7. that my husband always finds me beautiful, no matter what I look like.
8. that God not only loves me.... but maybe likes me a bit too.
9. that my daughter finds a good man to love her.
10. that I get better at living nore like the saint, and less like the sinner.

"I am trying..."
1. to type one-handed
2. to be a good mom.
3. to remember math facts.
4. to have hope that I can get in the dress.
5. to avoid the oreos.
6. to be patient with my doctor.
7. to get DH to buy me a manual mower for my birthday. (for exercise!!)
8. to keep DH from exploding any more cans of soda in the freezer.
9. to downsize on clutter.
10. be a better housekeeper.

Crystal Starr said...

Ooooo this is so fun I'm going to totally do this too! I'll be gone all day today so I'll have to do it later....


Geoffrey said...

"I have lived.." followed by 10 things

On coffee and donuts more days than I care to count

In a basement

Too manys days stuck and spinning my wheels

In seminary housing that should have been blown up 20 years ago

In the most stuck up suburb of DFW

Surrounded by God's grace but too blind to see

All my life within the blessing of the church

With the dream of meeting Ryne Sanburg

With a broken big toe since CYF camp in 1991- I'd rather not talk about it

With the burden of shaving since 7th grade

"I have witnessed..." followed by 10 things

To more people in bars then should be allowed

Peaceful passing from this world to the next of many people

A Pastor lose their place in their manuscript during worship and cuss about it from the pulpit

A clear sky turn into a hail storm that beat the hell of my roof in a matter of minutes

People change overnight for better and worse

Ten baptisms this year at my church

More ghosts and UFOs then I care to confess

My faith and life fall apart only to be pieced back together much stronger

A rib eating contest that was won by the smallest man

Immigrants swim the Rio Grande just to feed their family

"I have heard..." 10 things

Hillary Clinton be nice to me in our 90 second conversation last week

That Keokuk is supposed to get a new Riverfront Park

I can't sing from others who have heard me sing

Too much sports talk radio
Iraq has WMDs

The best jazz music ever played in worship

Voices in my head in Spanish- tough to translate

Billy Joel and Elton John live
The internets is a fad

A dear friend of mine is a Nazi

"I have lost..." 10 things

My dog Dustin weeks before we moved from Kentucky to Iowa

More hair then I care to acknowledge

My debit card at DFW airport

My faith more times then I care to count

Remote controls into the black hole called my old couch

Track of the last time I went to a funeral for a loved one

Trust in the American Dream

The need to always be right

One of my favorite T-Shirts- 'Chet Edwards for Congress"

Too many poker hands with pocket Aces

"I have found..." 10 things

My car collects small pieces of French Fries

Following Jesus is not for the faint hearted

God is doing good work in Disciples churches, but has given up on us as a "Denomination"

Good friends take you to the airport and help you move

My Varsity Letter jacket. How old is too old to wear it?

The Christian Right is neither

Having no health insurance sucks

A great coffee shop in SOHO that costs way too much but worth every dime

Mexican food must be prepare by illegal immigrants in order to be good

Someone who loves me for who I am

"I love..." 10 things

Adult Baptisms

Singing LOUD with a pipe organ so as to drawn out my voice

All you can eat fried chicken

Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby on a warm summer day

The Mississippi River in October- painted with the wonder of God's creativity

Bowl Season- GO FROGS!

A jazz club where the music can be heard, but no so loud that you can't talk

Great stories that have no punch line but are worth every minute just to hear the details

Veterans- Thank You!!!

New concepts that challenge my heart and mind

"I can..." 10 things

Do the worm- break dancing that is

Always find time for reruns of The Office

Remember when President Reagan was shot

Recite 90% of The Blues Brothers as the move plays

Grill a mean steak

Laugh even in dark moments- what else is there to do!

Name drop with the best of them

Do round offs

Watch CSPAN for hours

Stretch a dollar pretty far

"I loathe..." 10 things

Church Bureaucracy

July 4th America Worship in the church

The rising body count in Iraq

Long lines for morning coffee

People who say "some people say" when it is just them saying it

Traffic jams

Christmas shopping

95% of what is on TV, 90% of which is either CSI, Law and Order or The Amazing Race

Wasted food- mail it to China!

Cutting myself shaving- it just stinks!

"I hope..." 10 things

I live a rich full life and live to tell about it in a rocking chair

God keeps his sense of humor in dealing with me

Miss America can help us find world peace

John Grisham keeps writing books about Southern lawyers

Barack Obama is our next President

To visit New England in fall

Cars do not depend of oil based fuels in the next 20 years

I have plenty of clean socks and underwear for this next week

My future is all I am dreaming it to be

We run out of room in worship again this week and have to set up chairs

"I am trying..." 10 things

To learn the difference between Sunni and Sheia

To lift weights in a disciplined way

A new kind of coffee- Folgers Chocolate

To conserve energy at every turn- with little success

A new route to work each day

To pay attention to the little things and let the big things take care of themselves

To go the whole day with cussing

A new approach to fasting that has been a blessing so far

Generic foods- cost less and taste the same

To not get too excited about where I see my life going- because God is good.

The Passarelli's said...

This sounds great! I will to get to this when I have some free time.

Thanks for your comment on my blog also.


-M said...

"I have lived.."
1.In Illinois my entire life.
2.About 5 different lives within this lifetime – so far.
4.So consumed by others that I almost ceased to exist.
5.With my parents as a child and again as an adult.
6.In the city and in the country.
7.As an atheist.
8.With Jesus as the only beacon of truth.
9.With the knowledge I considered aborting my best friend.
10.A long, strange and wonderful life!
"I have witnessed..."
1.Grace bestowed where none was deserved.
5.Sunrises and Sunsets – my favorite is to watch both ends of the day coming and going.
6.Comets, eclipses, stars, planets, and auroras.
7.Phosphorescence in the ocean.
8.God’s love written in the clouds.
9.The most beautiful image my mind can conceive in the love that shines in the face of my son.
10.The worst sun blisters I have ever seen on my sister’s back after she said, ‘come on into the water, you know you tan better when you’re wet!” (hee hee - That one will never get old, Ape.)

"I have heard..."
1.“I love you too, Mom – more than you could know.” (And I’ve known it was true)
2.The greatest male vocalist – singing in the shower (my dad – seriously he makes Josh Groban seem awful).
3.The greatest female vocalists (two of my sistahs – they are both AMAZING in their own way).
4.A flute that was so deep and mellow and a Baritone that was so melodious and pure that they no longer sounded like anything but beauty.
5.Amazing improv piano played for hours and hours by my mama.
6.Crazy creative Jazz performed with and by friends.
7.Owls and cardinals talk back to me.
8.Wonderful stories about pocky the monkey and the gang from C.H.I.P.S. – who always got a ‘very angry look in their eye’ and then went out and nabbed the bad guys.
9.Songs about unicorns and pink clouds and the deep end.
10.That the longer way around is sometimes the shorter way home.

"I have lost..."
1.My religion.
2.Big paychecks.
3.My suits.
4.My vanity.
5.My love of high heels.
6.My penchant for too much makeup & too little clothes.
7.My love of shopping.
8.My fake hair color.
9.My interest in ‘bad boys’.
10.My belief that I could go it alone.

"I have found..."
1.God is bigger and more gracious than any limits or rules that I can believe.
2.You don’t need much money to live happy and well.
3.You don’t need to do much work on your appearance if you’re happy and well.
4.I would rather be in the middle of a field on a pretty day than in anything that any person every built.
5.That if you are American and feel a sense of depression, meaninglessness, and ennui that is not satisfied by shopping or tv, here is a link to read that will cure you:
6.People need to know and feel love from other people – the younger they are when they are loved the more their life will revolve around it
7.Stereotypes never ever ever ever work – even when they are in the Bible.
8.That even I can choose to not eat the jelly bellys.
9.The fella.
10.That Ga was right when she told me my sisters would all be best friends some day.

"I love..."
2.My sweet sweet boy!
3.My sistahs!
4.My three adorable nieces, and my nephew!
5.My momma & dad – I am here today because of them (and not just in the obvious sense!)
6.My grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins – a dignified and hilarious crew!
7.My friends – not the frequency of our time together (lacking), the people!
8.Music – playing and listening to others play.
9.Wind dancing.
10.A great red wine or cold beer.

"I can..."
1.Be with people I love.
2.Be a really good momma.
4.Live an example of connectedness to God (or fail trying).
5.Give more.
6.Love and accept love from others.
7.Rock out on the air drumset when my son backs me up on the air guitar.
8.Get to know Jesus better each day.
9.Outrun anything that has a max speed of 5 miles per hour (for a mile or two.)
10.Have a really great future.

"I loathe..."
3.Big Money Culture
5.Violation of children
6.Professional sports
7.Pop Culture
8.Casual sex
10.TV (except PBS nature shows)

"I hope..."
1.My son grows up knowing that the difference of an ant to the sky is less than I love him.
2.I get to play with my grandchildren. Maybe I will be an eagle and they can be a horse or a dragon.
3.My dad and mom live until I am an old old lady.
4.I get to be with someone who really loves me.
5.When people think of me they think of someone genuine.
6.The world stops getting worse.
7.Jesus is happy to see me when I get there.
8.My son becomes friends with God early in life and stays walking with God.
9.I get to live somewhere that I can see the sunset and sunrise unobstructed by buildings.
10.That I get to live the life God created me to live!

"I am trying..."
1.To not gossip, ever.
2.To get to know Jesus.
3.To be a good friend to all I love.
4.To put away selfishness.
5.To raise a boy to be a really good man.
6.To discern who and where God wants me to be!
7.To forget ALL my MANY past failures.
8.To forgive someone.
9To run a 4 mile charity thing in two weeks!
10.To be grateful for everything I am and have received for these last 30 years!


Queenheroical said...

100 Things

I have lived
1. … in a geodesic dome with hexagonal skylights, a potbelly stove, a thunder bucket and kerosene lamps.
2. … in an old milk house with a dirt floor, metal beams for doing gymnastics, and curtains for walls.
3. … in 5 bedroom historical home on 50 acres with a 12 stall horse barn, Olympic sized riding arena, and a pony to ride.
4. … in 12 different homes and in 5 different towns before I was 13 years old.
5. … in coastal rainforest, semi-arid desert country, on an island, and in the middle of nowhere all within British Columbia, Canada.
6. … with a brother, a sister, and a brother.
7. … with a brother, a sister, a brother and twin step-brothers.
8. … with a brother, a sister, a brother, two live-in sisters and a live-in brother.
9. … with a sister, a brother, twin goats and a pet turkey (her name was Gladys).
10. … all by myself in the big city.

I have witnessed
11.… tears of joy fall from my love’s eyes, just ‘cause.
12.… the squashed up, puffy, perfect faces of each of my newborn babes born healthy, happy, and whole.
13.… my dearest friend and my dearest sister give birth and welcome beautiful babies to the world.
14.… the lifeless shell left behind after a person dies.
15.… my father married, twice.
16.… my mother in the psych ward, twice (not related to # 15)
17.… cocaine snorted up with 20 dollar bills, (for the record; not into my nose).
18.… the tattletale spotting that comes before the heartbreak of a lost baby.
19.… whales in the open ocean, wild grizzly bears, orcas at play amid gulf islands, eagles snatching salmon from rivers, wolves, beavers, porcupines, elk, deer, birds singing outside my window and taken it for granted because I live in an amazing country.
20.… moments of God’s infinite grace, mercy, love, care, and humour.

I have heard
21.… the power of conviction in his voice as he echoed the words “I do” “I will”
22.… the clarity of my own voice as I spoke the words “I do” and “I will”
23.… my grandmother’s 90 year old voice cheer me up from the opposite side of the country.
24.… my daughters giggle and talk in secretive tones after bedtime.
25.… myself yell too loud, too often, for no good reason.
26.… my name called among the graduates, three times.
27.… a mother’s anguish upon learning of the death of her grown child.
28.… each of my children call for me in the night.
29.… the deep tones of his voice and the gentle strumming of his guitar as he sings the children to sleep.
30.…the chatter amongst a pack of wolves while hiking through their territory, in the pitch back of night.

I have lost
31. … my father to pancreatic cancer, he was 55, I was 23, it seemed too early.
32.… my first baby to miscarriage, my baby Jordan, my gift.
33.… my step-father, my parent, to alcoholism, to bitterness, to his own devices.
34.… a brother-in-law beneath a wall, he was 24 … it really seemed too early.
35.… my expectations of what motherhood, what wifehood, what personhood is all about.
36.… my temper at others maybe five times; at my children far more than I ever imagined I could.
37.… patience with my own self-absorption.
38.… some of my past blindness, attitudes and opinions as regards the “way” things and people should be.
39.… the ability to get pregnant, (my choice.)
40.… out on things because I have been afraid.

I have found
41.… a love more gripping, more heart wrenching, more exquisite than I knew was possible.
42.… being a mother is much harder than I thought it would be.
43.… I believe in Christ, despite an upbringing to the contrary.
44. … being a mother is much richer and complex than I had imagined.
45. … I possess a deep, powerful, fearsome protectiveness for my family.
46.… being a mother is the most inspiring motivator in my life.
47. … fear only keeps you down.
48. … being a mother is the most natural, most unsettling, most oppressive, most joyful, most terrifying thing I could ever dream of doing.
49. … making friends more difficult than finding a good doctor.
50. … I would not give up being who and what I am, or him, or Him.

I love
51. … God, His son, and His spirit.
52. …. him.
53. … them.
54. … me, kind of, some bits, sort of, some of the time … well I’m working on it.
55. … singing and dancing like a fool, especially with them.
56. … a great Scrabble word.
57. … rich chocolaty ice cream, preferably with nuts.
58. … long conversations in bed with him.
59. … the spell of a good book.
60. … watching them sleep.

I can
61. … touch my nose with my tongue.
62. … sew a jean quilt (but let’s just keep that between us.)
63. … talk on the phone while folding laundry, answering five “very important” questions, and keeping a toddler from … well everything.
64. … make a yummy tuna casserole, homemade bagels, hummus, and a hearty soup.
65. … count the number of great friends I have on one hand.
66. … make something out of just about nothing (literally that is not emotionally.)
67. … sing along to Bob Marley, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Queen, the Rolling Stones, Steve Miller Band, Fleetwood Mac, The Doors, Shirley Temple, The Eagles, The Beach Boys, the Big Bopper, Nat King Cole, Mahalia Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, 10CC, Michael W. Smith, Third Day, Audio Adrenalin, Sarah McLachlan, Willie Nelson, Shania Twain, Hank lliams, Johnny Cash, The Nylons, Holly Cole, India Arie, Jars of Clay, and Bob & Larry.
68. … flip my tongue sideways. Yes, I’ve got tongue skills.
69. … quote Mary Poppins, anyone in The Princess Bride, Homer (Simpson that is), The Paperbag Princess, Dr. Seuss, the Oompa Loompas, Cpt. Picard, Smeagol, Elizabeth Bennett, and Einstein.
70. … pick things up with my toes.

I loath
71. … shallow conversation.
72. … olives, except in tapanade.
73. … medical professionals who feel they must comment on my birth control choices.
74. … being told “Oh, you finally got your boy,”… yah, my two middle daughters were a real disappointment, so we “had” to keep trying.
75. … thinking of a snappy comeback 5 minutes after it was needed.
76. … knowing I interrupt too much and don’t listen as well as I thought I did.
77. … my inability to take criticism well.
78. … strong alcohol breath.
79. … not having enough time to do everything I want to do.
80. …and not doing the things I want to do even when I have the time.

I hope
81. … they forgive me my mistakes.
82. … they relish the dancing.
83... when he grows old he will still give me “the look.”
84. … his eyes work well enough to still give me “the look.”
85. … my eyes work well enough to see he is giving me “the look.”
86. … they grow up, happy, confident, and a little crazy.
87. … to wander the halls of the Louvre with him.
88. … to spy elephants and giraffes out on the open African plains.
89. … to find my voice and something worthwhile to say.
90. … to hear my Savior say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

I am trying
91. … to yell less.
92. … to listen more.
93. … to find a better way to be me, to be mom, to be his.
94. … to love people practically.
95. … to live my faith.
96. … to finish this list.
97. … to prefect the “greatest-bread-machine-recipe-ever.”
98. … to inspire them to live free of fear.
99. … to accept that he gives me “the look” because he loves me (silly boy).
100. I am trying.

For you April :) Thanks for liking my idea (blush).


LaLaLouie said...

I have lived
1. … for 10 years with a great husband (hard to believe its been that long!)
2. … in Kentucky 99% of my life.
3. … on Walt Disney World property for 3 months.
4. … in NYC for 3 months.
5. … a wonderfully full life.
6. … 16 years of my life in the same house with both parents and a brother.
7. … in safe, warm places.
8. … through some hard times.
9. … for 35 years.
10. … with the best kid in the world!

I have witnessed
11.… people's lives being changed.
12.… someone saying final goodbyes with grace.
13.… divorce.
14.… marriage.
15.… birth.
16.… death.
17.… lots of fun being had.
18.… spontaneous expressions of gratitude.
19.… sadness.
20.… dreams coming true.

I have heard
21.… some of my bestest friends sing beautiful music.
22.… that if you light a match in the bathroom, it will make it smell better.
23.… wonderful laughter of children.
24.… lots of sports on tv lately.
25.… my cat meow as I come through the door.
26.… my name called among the graduates, three times.
27.… my husband preach a few times :).
28.… myself preach less times.
29.… birds singing early in the morning.
30.… my son pattering into our bedroom in the middle of the night.

I have lost
31. … my keys many times.
32.… my purse a few times.
33.… most of my sanity.
34.… my temper - at least once a month.
35.… my fondness for school.
36.… the hope that I could ever work in a traditional church again.
37.… my mother-in-law to cancer.
38.… the first minister I ever really connected with (again to cancer).
39.… connections with old friends.
40.… most of my attachment to the way things are "supposed to be."

I have found
41.… my keys many times.
42.… my purse many times.
43.… marriage is a lot of work.
44. … motherhood is harder work.
45. … I am pretty darn strong.
46.… rotten food in my refrigerator more times than I should.
47. … love.
48. … connections with old friends.
49. … out that I really am an artist!
50. … that it is okay to be honest, really.

I love
51. … life.
52. … laughter.
53. … wine and vodka...not together.
54. … music, art, dance, creativity of all kinds.
55. … listening.
56. … reading.
57. … cute old men.
58. … children - especially my own.
59. … a good challenge.
60. … a great solution.

I can
61. … bring home the bacon.
62. … fry it up in a pan.
63. … talk on the phone for hours and hours.
64. … sleep for hours.
65. … read all night long.
66. … play the flute.
67. … be a real smart-ass.
68. … pick up things with my toes.
69. … stand up for what I believe in.
70. … daydream.

I loath
71. … arrogance.
72. … racism, sexism and homophobia...and all the other isms.
73. … small-minded people.
74. … meanness.
75. … being embarassed.
76. … Republican ideals i.e. "family values."
77. … fundamentalists that think they're the only ones that have the answers.
78. … doing laundry.
79. … morning.
80. …exclusion.

I hope
81. … for an end to hate.
82. … that the war ends very soon.
83... that the church will change for the better.
84. … that my son will grow up to be a compassionate, passionate, loving, fun, person that has a faith that is his own.
85. … that I get to visit some places far and away.
86. … that I learn from my mistakes.
87. … to write a book someday.
88. … that people know I love them.
89. … to learn to play the bagpipes.
90. … that stem-cell research brings cures to many diseases.

I am trying
91. … to live my call.
92. … to be faithful.
93. … to be myself.
94. … to be an effective mom.
95. … to be a good wife...not in the traditional sense, of course, but in the way that my huband needs.
96. … to start a church.
97. … to keep from losing my mind in the process.
98. … to live with integrity and intention.
99. … to do too much, I think.
100. to love more and fear less.

Jenn said...

I LOVED this!!!
I will post it on my blog on the 100th day.

I have lived..
1…in Wichita, KS, where I was born and lived until I was 5.
2…in Topeka, KS, where I grew up and went to High School.
3…in Lawrence, KS, where I went to College, Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
4…in Cincinnati, OH, where I coached for the Cincinnati Rowing Club and trained.
5…in Lawrence, KS (again), , where I painted Victorian Homes and tried to survive.
6…in Philadelphia, PA, where I trained at Fairmont Rowing Club and learned who I really was.
7…in Washington, DC, where I rowed at the Occoquan for the crazy Russian and made the ’94 World Championship team.
8…in Topeka, KS (again), where my grandmother took me in and allowed me to figure out what the heck I was going to do.
9…in Shawnee, KS (again), where my sister and brother in law let me live in their basement and do what I had figured out.
10…in Kansas City, KS (And I’m staying here!), where I live with my critters (and my brother who is trying to figure out what he’s going to do…must be genetic) and work as a firefighter and a rowing coach.

I have witnessed...
1…my siblings create these amazing little people who mean so much to me. (okay, I didn’t see the actual ‘creation’, that would be creepy and weird. But I did see one born. Without exception the one most amazing day of my life)
2…pure acts of heroism.
3…young girls turn into young women…almost before my eyes, with the support and power they gain from being a part of a team.
4…total joy…have you ever seen a dog running in the grass or rolling over and over again in something really stinky.
5…a child who truly believed he was meeting Santa.
6…an athlete perform to the best of her ability, and recognize that her effort was extraordinary.
7…my parents rise above their feelings about one another to come together as a family to celebrate their grandchildren. (way to go Mom and Dad!!!)
8…total loss. More than once.
9…life leaving a person. Also more than once.
10…the sunrise over the ocean.

I have heard...
1…an eight, rowed exceptionally well.
2…Hummingbird wings.
3…soft puppy dog snores (I’m hearing some now…)
4…our club’s name announced at the medals dock at US Nationals.
5…the sound of my oars in the water.
6…the way a boat hums when it’s running well.
7…teenagers when they forget you are in the car with them.
8…my nephew’s laughing.
9…the quiet of the early morning.
10…the sound of a fire truck from the inside.

I have lost...
1…my keys, over and over and over again.
2…Taylor and Andi.
3…all of my Grandfathers.
4…most of my flexibility (yoga, everyone, quick, before it’s too late!)
5…good friends, for stupid reasons.
6…every work name tag I’ve ever been given.
7…as well as any pen I’ve ever touched.
8…my chance to be a mother.
9…my Bleeding Hearts for this year (20 degrees in KC this morning…everything froze).
10…my ability to sleep late.

I have found...
1…that my money never lasts as long as my wants.
2…that it is impossible to keep the cats off the furniture…dogs yes, cats no.
3…that I sleep better with one dog than with two.
4…that I cannot give up coffee.
5…that less explanation is better when teaching novice. If I shut up, most of them will find the correct way to move.
6…that if you cut frozen Tulips, put them in the frig and let them thaw and then put them in water they will last several days.
7…that if you are in a hurry everything that can go wrong will.
8…that I can hold my tongue…most of the time.
9…that it is worth every penny to pay Darren to mow my yard.
10…that I kind of like to run even if I’m very, very slow.

I love...
1…my life, finally.
2…my family, warts and all .
3…the smell of cut grass.
4…Maggie, Rescue, Gus and Jack.
5…to teach.
6…dark chocolate.
7…blank days on my calendar.
8…growing things.
9…making a difference.
10…drinking strong coffee on my porch on a spring morning.

I can...
5…grow things.
7…fix things.
8…fight fire.
9…do CPR.
10…keep my head in emergencies.

I loathe...
1…stupid people.
2…people who are stupid.
3…stupid things done by stupid people.
4…stupid people doing stupid things.
5…lazy people.
6…people who are lazy.
8…lack of activity due to laziness.
9…stupid, lazy people.
10…oh yeah, and raspberries.

I hope...
1…I can sort out the Spring Rowing League today.
2…it warms up.
3…my plants survive this cold spell.
4…my nephews make it through the growing up process without scars.
5…my kids continue to race well this season.
6…I get promoted soon.
7…my dogs live forever.
8…Major Ed comes home soon.
9…we get this Iraq mess sorted out before we lose more kids over there.
10…little Alex (granddaughter of a good friend) recovers quickly.

I am trying...
1…to live debt free (harder than it seems).
2…to lose weight (…I know, who isn’t).
3…to get in shape and stay in shape.
4…to be a good friend
5…to be a good aunt.
6…to be a good sister.
7…to be a good Christian.
8…to be a good firefighter.
9…to be a good teacher.
10…to be a good person.

Anonymous said...

I have lived:
1. The life of Riley
2. On three continents
3. By the skin of my teeth
4. In exile
5. Beside the sea
6. A life that’s full, and travelled each and every highway
7. In Belfast during the shoot to kill policy
8. In a house full with sunshine
9. Endless hours stuck in motorway traffic jams
10. To tell the tale

I have witnessed:
11. A car on fire on the hard shoulder
12. Persian Muslim women speaking sign language
13. Birth certificates
14. A NYC police woman control 8 lanes of traffic
15. A woman leap off a plane on the apron in a panic in high summer after 9.11. The aircon was broken, so they couldn’t take off and opened up the doors. This was the cause of the delay, not the effect of her leap
16. Documents
17. A dead teenager at the side of the road, his motorbike beside him
18. Dawn in the Middle East
19. The closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics
20. A perfect martini made for me in the Oak Room Bar in the Plaza Hotel

I have heard:
21. New York taxi horns at 3am… why?
22. The voices of firemen cutting me from a car
23. The bubbling of a cake as it comes out of the oven
24. Planet Rock at full volume
25. I do
26. The dawn chorus
27. The call to prayer
28. The Angelus in Rome
29. Your eyeballs pop out if you don’t close your eyes when you sneeze
30. If you unscrew your belly button your bum drops off

I have lost:
31. Faith
32. Hope
33. One new earring
34. My temper
35. My university 4x100m relay record to faster women
36. The ability to stay up all night
37. Patience with hypocrites
38. All sense of proportion when buying underwear
39. My taste for chardonnay
40. 41.

I have found:
41. French aluminium coins circa WW2 on a beach
42. Lasting friendships online
43. Nigella’s recipes don’t always work
44. Delia’s always do
45. Lack of sleep makes me murderous
46. An entire though hollow lobster carcass on a beach
47. That Veronica Wallis’ (RUA) nudes make me cry
48. My best friend at our first meeting, which lasted five hours
49. There’s no such thing as a free lunch
50. The love of my life

I love:
51. Kevin Costner
52. Wearing heels
53. Coco Mademoiselle
54. Lots of detail
55. Certainty
56. Pablo Neruda’s love sonnets
57. Going to the cinema in the afternoon
58. A well-stocked pantry
59. Opening presents on Christmas morning
60. Sainsbury’s tea

I can:
61. Propagate by grafting
62. Follow intricate cross stitch patterns
63. Shuck oysters
64. Do handstands on the beach
65. Stamp about in work boots all day and still look sexy and professional
66. Laugh like a drain
67. Nurture teenagers brilliantly
68. Avoid urgent matters
69. Choose great wine and books by the label / cover alone
70. Discuss Derby County’s premiership campaign

I loathe:
71. Jellied eels
72. Washing poo from baby’s backs when they went up a size in nappies
73. The N word
74. James Woods. Sorry James
75. Missing Gardener’s World
76. People who eat with their mouths open
77. People spitting
78. Being nice to drunks
79. Cleaning the oven
80. Poorly written documents

I hope:
81. My gravestone says, “… beloved wife of Kevin Costner”
82. My passport arrives in time for my holiday
83. To see shooting stars this year
84. I don’t get caught speeding
85. To awake in Isla Negra Chile
86. I don’t get my fingers burnt a second time
87. To be as knowledgeable as my head gardener
88. To have an outrageously sparkly ring from Tiffany’s
89. To become Miss Marple (Joan Hickson) on my 70th birthday
90. Therefore I am

I am trying:
91. To find time to get back on a horse
92. To eat more fruit
93. To eat less Marmite on toast
94. To believe in the chasm of silence
95. To worry less
96. The patience of a saint
97. To read Dante’s Inferno
98. To be good enough to enter paradise
99. To be
100. To stop writing lists

more cows than people said...

Finally... Fairly stream of consciousness...
"I have lived.."
1. ... in a rented house with a shaggy red carpet.
2. ... in a pink bedroom with my little sister.
3. ... in an attic bedroom all by myself.
4. ... in a college dorm room with two other first year students, one who was inclined to throw dishes when her heart was broken, the other who was inclined to pitch a tent in the attic when dishes began being thrown.
5. ... in a college dorm room in a women's dorm with a woman who had had seven roommates before me, in two years... and then alone because I am "way too difficult to live with".
6. ... in a college dorm room in a French suite where we barely spoke any French all by myself for a semester until I gave in and let a woman who was, though my age, graduating before me and so thought she deserved my single, trade rooms with me allowing me to have the most wonderful roommate imagineable.
7. ... in a downstairs apartment on Sweeting St. in the city of my growing up years, with my best friend from high school... so many late, late nights.
8. ... in two seminary apartments with one steady and FABULOUS roommate until she went and got married on me... and with three WONDERFUL occasional roommates.
9. ... in an upstairs apartment in this county with more cows than people, on the main drag, way too close to church.
10. ... in a little house on a dead end street that actually belongs to my beloved and me (or mostly to the bank) that now has the most beautiful bathroom in the world.
"I have witnessed..."
11. ... the breathtaking Canadian Rockies.
12. ... a sweeping sunset over Saskatchewan.
13. ... the joy of friends living into an open expression of their true identity.
14. ... the transformation of boys into young men, and girls into young women.
15. ... people using their gifts with focus and finding immense joy.
16. ... a man praying out loud for the very first time.
17. ... a mother holding her second miracle baby just a few hours after her birth.
18. ... a three year old telling me the story of Lazarus.
19. ... a congregation jumping to care.
20. ... heartbreak.
"I have heard..."
21. ... Peter, Paul, and Mary and all their adoring fans singing along live in concert.
22. ... Tori Amos slowing down her songs, milking every note that she leaned into on the piano.
23. ... my husband speaking words my soul needs to hear.
24. ... "It's not you. It's me."
25. ... "Just relax."
26. ... children singing all around me and with me.
27. ... bagpipes first thing on a Saturday morning.
28. ... the voice of an old friend for the first time in 10 years.
29. ... a radio show dedicated to me that made me fall in love.
30. ... that I have a nice voice.
"I have lost..."
31. ... the journal from my first year in seminary, on a bus in Washington D.C.
32. ... my best friend from college.
33. ... my dearest friend and mentor to pancreatic cancer.
34. ... on occasion, the inhibitions that keep me from dancing.
35. ... my study Bible, with six years worth of notes in it- FOR SIX MONTHS- under the driver's seat of our car. *blushing*
36. ... my keycard in college, my keycard in college, my keycard in college...
37. ... my favorite sweater.
38. ... friends at a distance for whom I search from time to time.
39. ... my fear of acupuncture.
40. ... MY FLUTE! (and I was happy at the time thinking "Oh good, now I don't have to keep playing in college." It was a family instrument! Ouch!)
"I have found..."
41. ... a superb life partner.
42. ... a strong bond with the sister with whom I used to always be at odds.
43. ... friends from high school I thought I'd never see again.
44. ... God's call to be broader and more all encompassing than I ever imagined it would be.
45. ... watching television shows in sequence without advertisement is fabulous.
46. ... not watching television with advertisements with any regularity makes me VERY susceptible to advertisements when I do.
47. ... that even though I used to think that everybody else all around me "got it" (whatever it was), we're all just muddling through.
48. ... that I need people around me who think very differently from me.
49. ... daily baths make life so much more tolerable.
50. ... home renovation is EXPENSIVE.
"I love..."
51. ... my darling K.
52. ... sweet potatoes... mmm...
53. ... my people (most days) (and this includes ALL my people- in my congregation, family, friend circles, etc.).
54. ... to teach.
55. ... to sing tight harmonies.
56. ... mountains.
57. ... God.
58. ... candid conversations with kids.
59. ... writing funeral meditations.
60. ... biking on flat roads.
"I can..."
61. ... moderate a darn good meeting.
62. ... listen reflectively and empathetically.
63. ... knit (and oh if only I would make the time for it these days).
64. ... give a good amateur massage.
65. ... contort my fingers thanks to double joints.
66. ... sing a child to sleep.
67. ... give good feedback on sermon drafts (unless they're my own).
68. ... remember names and a lot of phone numbers.
69. ... talk on the phone for hours.
70. ... bake a "perfect chocolate cake".
"I loathe..."
71. ... knowing that people are talking about me, but not with me.
72. ... conflicting complaints.
73. ... blue cheese.
74. ... spin that heightens the perception of division.
75. ... running.
76. ... most math.
77. ... war.
78. ... economic injustice.
79. ... cruelty- especially to particularly vulnerable ones.
80. ... my reproductive endocrinologist.
"I hope..."
81. ... to be a mother some day.
82. ... to be able to let go fully some day.
83. ... for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) to experience radical transformation and new life.
84. ... to find greater balance in life.
85. ... to make it to Scotland some day.
86. ... my sister's new relationship is "the one".
87. ... to successfully complete Ph.D. applications this year.
88. ... that we will repent of our national hubris and stop thinking we can't fight violence and terror with violence and terror.
89. ... for radical generosity that redistributes wealth.
90. ... that all the children (and adults) in the congregation I serve will come to realize their gifts and apply them to Christ's service.
"I am trying..."
91. ... to let go.
92. ... to be the change I want to see.
93. ... to deal directly and honestly even with difficult situations and difficult people.
94. ... to trust... Lord help me.
95. ... to be disciplined on multiple levels about what I eat and drink.
96. ... to read the Bible every day (oops... slipped on this during Holy Week- when I should have double it, right?)
97. ... to pray more.
98. ... to clean one room of the house every day.
99. ... to start a housing ministry in this county.
100. ... to "just feel".

Tara Ulrich said...

"I have witnessed..."
1. Friends saying I Do
2. Animals dying to illness on the farm
3. A baby being baptized
4. Children having fun at camp
5. A baby deer being born at a zoo
6. Tears
7. My sister growing up into the awesome women she is
8. My mom live with a mental illness all her life
9. Love
10. Laughter

"I have heard..."
11. Mark Chestnutt,Little Texas, Neal McCoy in concert
12. Babies giggle
13. Children playing happily at camp
14.Baby calves looking for their moms
15.Friends tell me what I needed to hear
16. Jars of Clay praise the Lord live
17. Laughter
18. My car die on the side of the road
19. My fave shows on tv
20. My family

"I have lost..."
21. My dear grandfather
22. My good friend Chewy to suicide
23. Many of my college friends
24. My innocence
25. My cat Rocky
26. My mentor and friend to cancer
27. My mom(in some ways) to her illness
28. My "adopted" mom
29. My first car
30. My keys (not recently though)

"I have found..."
31. Dear friends
32. Good job
33. Who God created me to be!
34. My own apt
35. My passion
36. That I enjoy cooking
37. The constellations
38. that my family are my friends too
39. A sick calf
40. Some stray kitties

"I love..."
41. My family
42. To write poetry
43. The sound of children laughing and playing
44. My dear friends
45. God
46. My church family
47. The Mothership(my seminary)
48. To read
49. Fun
50. German food

"I can..."
51. Write poetry
52. Drive a stickshift
53. Bake
54. Drive a tractor
55. Scrapbook
56. Take good pictures
57. Swim
58. Act
59. Organize
60. Have fun!

"I loathe..."
61. Liars
62. Gossipers
63. Backstabbers
64. Liver
65. People who pretend to be my friend
66. Snakes
67. Mice
68. Having certain celebs in the news all thetime
69. My car
70. Hail

"I hope..."
71. That I find Mr. Right
72. That my family is always happy
73. That someday Ill have a family
74. For my friends to be happy
75. To publish a book someday
76. Im never stricken by cancer
77. That someone near me doesnt die soon
78. To enjoy an apple pie soon
79. That my sis finds Mr Right too
80. Peace

"I am trying..."
81. To finish this meme
82. To be a good leader
83. To not get upset so easily
84. To learn a new sport/hobbie
85. To enjoy life
86. To enjoy my friends and family
87. To travel somewhere fun
88. To create a new scrapbook
89. To live each moment to the fullest
90.To lose some weight

"I have lived"
91.With my family
92.In a college dorm by myself
93.In a college dorm with roommates
94.In the cleanest seminary dorm room
95.In my own apt
96.With my aunt and uncle
97.In several states---ND, NE,Iowa
98.At camp
99.Through my mother's illness
100.Near my grandparents

~liz said...

wow. this was hard (but fun!). it only took me 4 days and MUCH self-restraint in not looking at the other entries yet for "ideas." :)
thanks for hosting this!!!

"I have lived.."
...pregnant, three times
...on my own, across the pond
...with roommates and without
...in the city
...in the country
...below the poverty level, briefly and by choice
...without a microwave for 5 ½ years
...with two cats
...as the only woman in the house
...as the only daughter in the house

"I have witnessed..."
...hypocrisy in myself
...learning abilities in my children that blow me away
...random acts of kindness by total strangers
...a miracle
...a demon
...a robin and her babies go from eggs to baby robins hopping around our yard
...the changing of seasons in larger than life detail under a country sky
...the ominous, dark skies during a tornado
...the effects of consuming too much alcohol

"I have heard..."
...a pileated woodpecker so close to our home
...really, really bad karaoke
...music that made me cry (in a good way)
...the sound of a rooster (in my head)
...U2 in concert
...the Cranberries in concert
...Duran Duran in concert
...James Taylor in concert
...Sarah McLachlan in concert
...the sweet sounds of my boys singing

"I have lost..."
...pounds since birthing our third baby
...a stack of quarters in my old room and I still think it's hidden under the carpet
...contact with a few friends I'd like to catch up with someday.
...a very large check from our closing company
...many important documents that my husband needs and I think are garbage
...paper money
...track of how many times I’ve messed up already today. J
...my taste for shrimp
...my need for bubble teas ona weekly basis.

"I have found..."
...my soulmate
...peace in Jesus
...quiet comfort under the country sky
...my selfish side since becoming a mother
...three incredible little souls in my boys
...that lamb isn’t so bad…if it’s a bit underdone
...that very large check from our closing company
...gardening to be fun
...consistent, healthy to be a challenge, but a healthy one
...liturgical worship to be healing

"I love..."
...my soulmate
...my three sons
...hot baths after the kids are in bed
...reading in bed
...being warm. not cold
...coffee. in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
...dark chocolate. The real stuff
...red wine. The dryer the better

"I can..."
...birth a child
...make a mean loaf of honey whole wheat bread
...drive a manual transmission
...write poetry
...roll my tongue
...lay hardwood flooring
...make a mean pound cake (thanks to a recipe from my grammy and aunt donna)
...painting a room with 9 ½ foot ceilings
...create a (really cheesy looking) web page
...eat medium rare meat now, and enjoy it!

"I loathe..."
...my easily angered soul
...really slow drivers
...really fast drivers (really people…a happy medium is just slightly above the speed limit)
...the current administration
...when people don’t “get” my decision to not work outside of the home
...weeds and weeding
...fishy-smelling and tasting fish
...really bad christian media (aka “Pastor Greg”)

"I hope..."
...the war ends soon (and VERY soon)
...the next president is the exact opposite of the current one
...my children will always know Jesus
...people become more concerned with the stewardship of the earth than of “getting the enemy.”
...kenny and i live old enough to retire together and enjoy our “golden years.”
...kenny and I live old enough to love and spoil our grandchildren
...to one day write a book
...to one day (soon!) travel to ireland with my husband and boys
...to paint every room in our house very soon
...to get a handle on the weeds in our lovely flower beds this spring

"I am trying..."
...to feel totally at home in the country
...daily, to be a better momma
...daily, to be a better wife
...to bake bread at least once a week
...to make our house more "green"
...to get so much more organized
...to do one load of laundry a day
...to be content living with really bad carpeting
...to trust God more
...to love my neighbor as myself. and, wow, does that seem impossible.

more cows than people said...

umm... my #88 should be ... that we will repent of our national hubris and stop thinking we CAN fight violence and terror with violence and terror.

whoops... there are other typos, but that's a biggie.

Anonymous said...

"I have lived…"
1. Near the picturesque Pacific Ocean in Redondo Beach, California
2. In downtown Chicago on Michigan Avenue
3. With my family, growing up in a close-minded community
4. With many combinations of roommates (some good, some not) at college
5. With my boyfriend
6. Through years of anxiety attacks in college
7. In a house that I bought on my own, as a woman
8. With an anorexic
9. With my failures
10. To earn three degrees in my scientific field
"I have witnessed..."
1. Discrimination
2. Children being cruel to each other and adults being cruel to children
3. My own survival when my car was wrecked beyond repair
4. My parents celebrating their 40th anniversary
5. Friends becoming comfortable with themselves when changing their sexual preference
6. My mom battling breast cancer for the third time in the past decade, as well as already having polio
7. Our dog learning how to bark when she was a puppy-boy, was that a mistake!
8. Horrific financial irresponsibility / immaturity of adults that have children
9. My accomplishing goals that others said weren’t possible
10. The love that my boyfriend and I have for each other grow over time
"I have heard..."
1. Van Cliburn play the piano
2. The Chicago Symphony at Ravinia
3. Live performances of the operas Carmen, Porgy & Bess, Barber of Seville
4. Our favorite local Irish band
5. A large high school choir spontaneously start to sing the National Anthem at the airport in Washington, D.C.
6. The welcome sounds of spring
7. NPR, and try to every day!
8. Harry Connick Jr…not enough times!
9. Itzhak Perlman play the violin
10. Senator Barbara Boxer speak in person, and I was moved to tears by her passion
"I have lost..."
1. A grandmother to breast cancer before I was born
2. All four of my grandparents before I had even completed high school
3. Wrist watches, more times than I’d like to admit
4. Touch with people that are important to me
5. My childhood religion, but am now trying to figure out where I want to spiritually be
6. My way biking in the country sides of France and Italy
7. Jewelry from my Barbie dolls when I was little
8. The ability to impulse shop
9. My ability to stomach processed Kraft macaroni & cheese
10. A necklace that was my grandmother’s (a tiny garnet cross)
"I have found..."
1. Same necklace, which I then lost again permanently, unfortunately
2. That I love to cook, bake and experiment with both
3. That I can be satisfied if our home is not perfectly clean all the time
4. That I like exercise and being physically active
5. Serenity and peace with yoga
6. A career path that advances and promotes environmental sustainability
7. My best friend in my boyfriend
8. That people and relationships will change over time
9. My life is good and blessed
10. My way eventually, even when I sometimes lose it
"I love..."
1. My boyfriend of almost eight years
2. Our dog
3. Our home
4. Our families
5. Our friends
6. How yoga makes me feel
7. Lilacs
8. Inspiring and helping others
9. My mom’s cookies
10. My life
"I can..."
1. Do more to negate my impact on the environment
2. Speak up when I witness cruelty
3. Help others achieve their goals and dreams
4. Play musical instruments
5. Teach a five-year-old to play chess (and he routinely beat his parents!)
6. Survive chronic gender discrimination in my profession
7. Walk our dog more
8. Take better care of myself
9. Be content
10. Make a difference
"I loathe..."
1. Ignorance
2. Anything classified as “news” on Fox
3. People that train their pets to be violent
4. People that are violent to innocent victims, whether it’s women, men, children, older people, or animals
5. People that have road rage
6. Pollution
7. Mustard, BBQ, ketchup, mayo, and most salad dressings (I was a high-maintenance kid)
8. People that have dreams but do not act to make them a reality
9. Our house being REALLY disorganized
10. People that have children for all the wrong reasons
"I hope..."
1. The world will become more polite and respectful of people and animals, and that etiquette will become the norm again
2. We would leave the Middle East alone, except to provide humanitarian aid
3. That my boyfriend and I get married soon
4. That Barack and/or Hillary win in 2008
5. To live a long and healthy life with my boyfriend, and to have a long and happy marriage
6. That we start having effective energy policy for the first time in this country
7. To possibly have a child some day
8. That we continue to be financially responsible
9. My mom doesn’t get cancer again
10. That our planet will recover
"I am trying..."
1. To be satisfied with what I have and where I am at in my life
2. To be less judgmental of others
3. To help others more
4. To be less cynical and negative
5. To live a healthier life
6. To laugh more
7. To savor my successes
8. To live my life to its fullest
9. To see as much of the world as I financially can afford
10. To reduce my carbon footprint

ccap said...

It's a list so I simply HAD to participate.

I have lived...
1) In various apartments for 19 years.
2) In 11 different places
3) On a farm
4) In Romania
5) In a 2 room (no, not 2 BEDroom, 2 room) home with 5 other people
6) In 2 different provinces
7) As an adult, with 2 of my siblings, on different occasions
8) Completely alone, quite happily
9) With my husband and daughter, quite happily
10) With all 3 of my siblings in one room

I have witnessed...
1) Fireworks over the ocean in Hawaii
2) Fireworks over Central Park
3) The coral reef.
4) The birth of sheep, cows and pigs
5) 4 Broadway shows in NYC
6) 5 live theatre shows in London
7) 2 Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas
8) 18 Folk Festivals
9) My skin on fire
10) My boy getting makeup applied by 3 nieces.

I have heard...
1) The first cry of my newborn baby
2) How Great Thou Art being sung in 3 languages simultaneously
3) A kookaburra laugh
4) A symphony playing Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons in the oldest cathedral in Paris
5) The Barenaked Ladies live 4 times.
6) My coworker yelling at me until the veins protruded in her neck
7) Never-ending police sirens in NYC
8) A rooster crowing me awake
9) I do
10) That the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain

I have lost...
1) My dad
2) My purse on the train which contained the last $30 I had
3) Track of time
4) My desire to stay up late
5) My love of chewing ice
6) All hope that my husband will quit saying bad jokes.
7) Good friends
8) All of my grandparents
9) 10 pounds since January 1 (finally – only 5 pounds to go before I’m back to prepreg weight)
10) My newest cookbook

I have found...
1) I’m not very good at multitasking.
2) Favorite friends
3) That you can never see too many movies
4) Or concerts
5) Or musicals
6) I am good at saving money.
7) That the best tasting bagels are in New York City.
8) Peace
9) Comfort
10) My newest cookbook! Hurray!

I love...
1) My boy
2) My girl
3) Music
4) The word “hope”.
5) Loose, cotton summer dresses
6) Lists
7) Peanut sauce
8) Laughter
9) Things to look forward to. Filled in days on my calendar.
10) Warm sun shining in through the window and time to lay in it.

I can...
1) Tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.
2) Navigate my way through the Eastern U.S. quite well
3) Cook reasonably well.
4) Walk for quite some time with a heavy backpack on my back
5) Grow things
6) Take care of myself financially
7) Be overly sarcastic
8) Turn off the taps in the bathtub with my toes
9) Speak up if I think it’s necessary
10) Tell the difference between wheat and barley

I loathe...
1) Scraping the last of the Miracle Whip out of the jar.
2) Nylons.
3) Telephones
4) Typical cookie cutter clothing stores. You know the ones where you’re inside and you can’t remember if you’re in Ricki’s or Suzy Shier or Reitman’s or Smart Set…
5) Carnations
6) salmon
7) dusting
8) Spelling and/or grammar mistakes in major publications
9) Close-minded thinking
10) litter

I hope...
1) I always have need of a passport.
2) We find a house we love (and can afford) this year.
3) To have a beautiful perennial garden someday.
4) That my child grows up to be responsible and respectful.
5) That my child develops a relationship and faith in God.
6) It warms up soon.
7) I always recognize how completely blessed I am
8) My next pregnancy (assuming there is one) goes by more pleasantly than the first
9) You are all comfortable and cozy while reading this
10) That I can take my family on many, many trips through the years.

I am trying...
1) To worry less
2) To get back to my prepregnancy weight.
3) Not to interrupt so much.
4) To believe
5) To be kind
6) To live in the moment
7) To accept that J-L thinks I’m beautiful
8) Not to be too much of a pessimist
9) To have more faith
10) To finish off this list

Lori said...

"I have lived..
1. through hurricane Iniki
2. in 9 apartments, 2 condos, 3 houses and about 10 touring buses
3. through many earthquakes
4. by my wits, when I've had 'em
5. on peanut butter and ritz crackers for weeks at a time
6. the modest life to the comfortable life
7. in the teeniest family that ever was with the highest percentage of tragedy per capita
8. on a beach in Hawaii, but goodness me, certainly not long enough.
9. in Paris for small bursts of professional time
10. with the curse of stunning beauty that stops men and small furry animals in their tracks and causes auto accidents on the turnpike. (OK, that one's fiction) let's just say with occasional delusions of grandeur.

"I have witnessed..."
1. crimes of passion not my own
2. marriage ceremonies and baptisms of friends
3. man's first walk on the moon
4. the planes flying into the twin towers
5. my father in his dying days
6. my son's first steps
7. solar eclilpses
8. a two headed girl
9. the "real" side of some famous people
10. the unraveling of a mind, not my own.

"I have heard..."
1. my son's first cry
2. my mother sing like a torch singer
3. Carlos Montoya play the guitar in concert
4. some amazing sermons
5. "it" through the grapevine
6. tall tales
7. true stories that made me cry
8. lies that broke my heart
9. "it" said
10. that many things aren't what they're cracked up to be.

"I have lost..."
1. the same 45 pounds for the last 20 years
2. my temper more than I oughta
3. my patience and if you find it, please tell it to come home.
4. metal things - car keys, jewelry, teaspoons
5. the ability to do the splits
6. the occasion to stay up all night
7. my faith, but got it back, halleluia
8. billions of brain cells at my age, so they tell me.
9. the need for diapers, but I hear it comes back again when you're 97.
10. the algebra I learned in junior high

"I have found..."
1. God, more often than lost Him
2. that more sleep is better than less
3. roadkill
4. men cheating on me
5. true friendship more than once
6. the best strawberries ever
7. a couple designer pieces that seemed made just for me.
8. my way home after being hopelessly lost
9. money in clothes dryers ($20 bills a few times)
10. that one can continue to grow up after age 50

"I love..."
1. Jesus
2. my son
3. my mother
4. my friends
5. good food
6. glazed buttermilk donuts
7. amazing music
8. dancing, dancing, dancing
9. writing
10. yoga

"I can..."
1. write a poem off the top of my head, just give me a subject
2. teach myself how to do things (like my job: accounting)
3. cook well
4. sew decently
5. drive a car
6. make people either really really mad, or laugh
7. throw a great party
8. write plays on any subject you like.
9. act as well as Meryl Streep (who stole my career from me the lowdown @#!#$!)
10. jump tall buildings in a single bound! OK, that one's fiction, but I can do a killer imitation of Superman flying.

"I loathe..."
1. cauliflower
2. lying
3. pretense
4. poverty, blight and injustice
5. pollution
6. my mother-in-law. I have so many just reasons
7. scum bag politicians
8. control, domination and abuse. I like to wear the leather, I don't like it to wear me.
9. bad writing
10. cauliflower. It's worth mentioning twice. Really.

"I hope..."
1. Jesus comes really soon
2. I have good health all my life
3. to see my son grow into a happy, fulfilled man
4. I can get a pedicure really soon
5. that my current hideously awful life situation works out in such a way that I end up having a life again.
6. my mother's back surgery heals perfectly
7. my dad's spirit is in Jesus' arms
8. I can see my cousin Richard in heaven
9. that Rascal Flatts puts out another album soon
10. they figure out the grand unification theory

"I am trying..."
1. many people every day. I am very trying.
2. to lose weight
3. to get healthier
4. to find a way OUTTA HERE *ahem, now collecting myself*
5. to be a good mom
6. to follow Jesus
7. to maintain good hygiene
8. to write, maybe someday make a livin' at it.
9. to forgive Meryl Streep for stealing my career the lowdown $#%@#!
10. to keep a low profile and a cheery heart *she said after exposing all in this blog*

1-4 Grace said...

I have lived..."
1. in SC most of life
2. in another country for 2 years
3. for 38 years
4. with a bad roommate in college
5. with a wonderful roommate in college,...love ya Reene
6. in Alaska for a summer
7. without ever having tried turnip greens
8. with a nosiy neighbor
9. without chocolate for 40+ days
10. a wonderful life
"I have witnessed..."
11. a bullet being removed from someone
12. a restored relationship between two enemies
13. a crime take palce
14. a person die (several actually)
15. some really bad sermons
16. some truly great sermons
17. a transformed life
18. puppies and kittens being born
19. a worship service of a different religion
20.an armed robbery
"I have heard..."
21. a child's first cry
22. fireworks on the 4th of July
23. my dad cry
24. a pin drop
25. rain falling outside my window
26. my cat meow
27. a pipe organ on Easter Sunday
28. a tornado
29. God's praises being sung
30. a heartfelt apology
"I have lost..."
31. my mind
32. my keys
33. my passport
34. my favoirte earring (one from a pair)
35. my sermon
36. a tooth
37. a boyfriend
38. a child (on field trip!)
39. a good friend due to my stupidity
40. the remote control
"I have found..."
41. God in suprising places
42. somone else's keys
43. unconditonal love
44. new friends
45. an wodnerful hair dresser
46. a new beginning
47. the child I lost on the field trip
48. my keys
49. the remote
50. a great blog site
"I love..."
51. the Lord
52. my family
53. music
54. cats
55. my friends
56. "getting caught in the rain"
57. warm brownies and cold milk
58. suprise endings
59. hugs
60. children(of all ages)
"I can..."
61. cook shrimp and grits
62. say alphabet backwards
63. preach a sermon
64. stand on one foot and tie my other shoe
65. burp louder than guys in the youth group 9they have never heard me!)
66. do entergizers till i drop.
67. watch Food Network all day
68. pick up stuff with my toes
69. sing themes from Gilligans Island, Brady Bunch, and Laveren and Shirley
70. not pee for 6 hour road trip
"I loathe..."
71. lies/ dishonety
72. cold showers
73. my allergies
74. pickled beets
75. racism
76. agism
77. sexism
78. apathy
79. hunger/ homelessness
80. violence
"I hope..."
81. for a better tomorrow
82. for understanding
83. to find a mate
84. an end to wars
85. a good tax return
86. for health
87. for patience
88. for my wrinkle free cream to work
89. for forgiveness
90. for true peace
"I am trying..."
91. to learn to knit
92. to be more grateful to folks
93. to set an example
94. to pay off debts
95. to eat less junk
96. to recruit voluntters for VBS!
97. to find a shower gift by Saturday
98. clean my office
99. work on anxiety and depression issues
100. live a life of peace, faith, joy and love

Sr. Heather said...

What fun! Here's my play, also posted at this link. Thank you for the chance to do this - I can't wait to read everyone's lists!

"I have lived.."

1. ... in ten different states, all in the first ten years of my life.
2. ... in sin, for about six weeks.
3. ... in a house with six pets.
4. ... in a house where a pet corn snake had gotten loose.
5. ... with either parents or husband for all but four months of my life.
6. ... in Virginia since 1983, which is a long time for me, given #1.
7. ... with depression longer than anyone should have to.
8. ... with a person who has been depressed since childhood, for the last 15 years.
9. ... as a practicing neo-pagan for about nine months.
10. ... just over 35 years now.

"I have witnessed..."

1. ... a very painful and contentious diocesan council, when many were asking our bishop to resign.
2. ... so many baptisms, but they still make me cry every time.
3. ... my former boss expressing anger with a member of the team only one time in over three years, and it was not pretty.
4. ... a Lexus driver who insisted on parking on the sidewalk every morning at the store where he stopped for his coffee.
5. ... more people than I can count who have Christian fishes and other symbols on their cars, but who drive like selfish, entitled weenies.
6. ... the incredible uniqueness of infants and toddlers.
7. ... that corn snakes actually possess something like personality. (Still not a snake fan, though.)
8. ... a loose corn snake, ready to be found, coiled around the laptop in my briefcase when I got to work one morning. (Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!)
9. ... the Holy Spirit at work in large groups of people.
10. ... the scariness, but the amazing effectiveness of electro-convulsive therapy for people who are extremely depressed.

"I have heard..."

1. ... that people only change when they want to bad enough, or when they hurt bad enough.
2. ... that at least 90% of the time, it's when they hurt bad enough.
3. ... that I am a gutsy broad, and it made me feel great!
4. ... the most amazing compliments from my children's teachers about them this year.
5. ... that I am a unique and wonderful person, made in the image of God, but sometimes I have trouble believing it.
6. ... Mendelssohn's 4th Symphony at least a dozen times, because I studied it intensely in college; somehow, I still love it!
7. ... the music of the spheres, when lying outside at night, far way from light pollution, and seeing all the stars spread across the sky - not literally, of course, but it was incredibly moving.
8. ... stories and rumors that I will never repeat.
9. ... a trusted friend repeat confidential news to many different people.
10. ... live concerts by the Beach Boys, Chicago, Aerosmith, Warrant, Poison, Motley Crue, Journey, Foreigner, Earth Wind & Fire, Carbon Leaf, Trans Siberian Orchestra, the Virginia Symphony, and many chamber ensembles.

"I have lost..."

1. ... the illusion that fairy tale endings are possible in the real world, without a lot of effort.
2. ... more than 40 pounds in one year.
3. ... about 10 pounds in the last two months.
4. ... several friends when I was in junior high and high school, because I had not developed the skills to maintain a friendship for more than 18 to 24 months.
5. ... many more potential friends in high school, because I was a "reverse snob" who refused to hang out with those who I saw as "popular."
6. ... many inhibitions, especially after childbirth. :-)
7. ... my patience with incompetence and with intentional ignorance on many occasions.
8. ... my copy of Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott not once but twice.
9. ... only one grandparent.
10. ... my mind! :-)

"I have found..."

1. ... much hope in the Resurrection story, even when it's hard to believe.
2. ... that when I have trouble believing, but show up anyway, the faith of the others there carries me past my hang-ups.
3. ... that there is room in the church for people who believe in radical hospitality and the all-inclusive love of God.
4. ... that visualizing God in ways that we normally don't can be very powerful.
5. ... that the love of my friends is a powerful and strengthening force in my life.
6. ... that trust is rarely misplaced.
7. ... that laying out worst case / best case / expected case really helps me to evaluate my options and make a decision.
8. ... that it's important to have a healthy appreciation for the ridiculous.
9. ... true love on Flag Day! (Okay, not really. But this was one of the fortunes that Homer Simpson wrote, in his brief stint as a fortune cookie fortune writer. Mr. Burns received this fortune and did indeed fall in love on Flag Day.) But what I have found is that humor and laughter are very, very healing.
10. ... that faith is not blind belief, but what we choose to place our trust in, mind and body and spirit.

"I loathe..."

1. ... being told what to do rather than asked.
2. ... confiding a problem, and hearing the first words of the response be, "Well, you should..."
3. ... liver.
4. ... mayonnaise.
5. ... hip-hop and rap music.
6. ... the television, on many occasions, when I think of it by the name Jubal Harshaw gave it in Heinlein's Stranger In a Strange Land: the goddamnoisybox.
7. ... 90+ degree heat with 50%+ humidity. Ugh.
8. ... working on the lawn and garden.
9. ... filing papers, so they tend to stack up on my desk until I have to spend an hour or two sorting and filing them.
10. ... hypocrisy.

"I love..."

1. ... slipping into a warm bed, newly made with freshly washed sheets.
2. ... finishing my shower, reaching for my towel, and pressing it to my face to inhale it.
3. ... good music, and even, lots of lousy music, too.
4. ... eucharist.
5. ... Diet Dr Pepper.
6. ... iced tea, with just a little bit of sweetness.
7. ... working on a really nice meal, having it all come together, and hearing gratitude for it.
8. ... to surround myself with beautiful things.
9. ... reading the mystics and ecstatics.
10. ... the Psalms.

"I can..."

1. ... play the flute really well.
2. ... write software, having programmed professionally in at least 8 languages.
3. ... discern patterns in large quantities of data.
4. ... show compassion and understanding to others who struggle with depression.
5. ... observe and recognize a lot more about the dynamics in relationships than I could a few years ago.
6. ... write passably well.
7. ... proofread to a very irritating extent. :-)
8. ... blush at the very mention of my name.
9. ... laugh at the most inappropriate times.
10. ... lose my patience over the smallest things.

"I hope..."

1. ... that I find joy in my new life, after the current discord is over.
2. ... that my shoulder heals properly.
3. ... that my diocese is healthy enough to elect a really great bishop next year.
4. ... that my parish is healthy enough to call a really great rector over the next year.
5. ... that the spring allergy season abates soon.
6. ... that Chicago will tour here this summer, and that the amphitheater will have $10 tickets again.
7. ... that I can be successful in my new job, even though I'm having some problems there.
8. ... that I never lose my sense of joy and wonder.
9. ... that my beagle doesn't eat any baby bunnies in the back yard this year. :(
10. ... that when I finally meet God face-to-face, God smiles and ruffles my hair and calls me kiddo.

"I am trying..."

1. ... to be very intentional about showing the gratitude I feel (hence the title of this blog!).
2. ... to be more effective in my new job, when the rest of the team is all located in another city 200 miles away.
3. ... to step back, not insisting on being in control of everything.
4. ... to live out the two commandments Jesus gave.
5. ... to better know myself, so that I might better know those around me.
6. ... to be more patient with the people I care about.
7. ... to build time and space for self-care into my life.
8. ... to intentionally bring beauty into my life, in as many small and large ways as I can.
9. ... to get more flute jobs - especially paying ones!
10. ... to let the Christ-light shine through me.

Crystal Starr said...

I finally finished mine! It took me forever, I guess it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I kept some of Leah's answers because they were so good! This was fun, thanks April!

"I have lived...”
1. Through 3 amazing child births
2. 10 years with the most wonderful man
3. In Illinois my whole life
4. In the same house as my grandmother grew up in
5. With having a child with cancer
6. 3 oral surgeries
7. 5 years of braces
8. Too many close calls of not being able to pay our mortgage
9. Through abuse
10. Through mean people

"I have witnessed..."
11. My husband get saved
12. My daughter courageously fight cancer
13. People from all over reach out to our family
14. True love
15. A man peeing on a light post in the mall parking lot in the middle of the day
16. My sister get saved
17. True forgiveness
18. A car on fire on the express way
19. My parents house on fire because I left my heating pad on
20. Christ’s love

"I have heard..."
21. The Good News!
22. My children read aloud for the first time (I TAUGHT THEM!!!!!)
23. The beautiful sound of my children’s laughter
24. The sweet sound of deep belly laughter from my husband
27. My Mom and Dad saying “I’m proud of you.”
28. My husband tell me our daughter has cancer
29. Our hearts cry out to God together in pain
30. Friends, family, and neighbors pray for our daughter

"I have lost..."
31. 0 lbs in 2 years, I think
32. Part of my hearing, I think
33. My only video of Emily and Frank as babies
34. My cat, “Frisky”
35. My favorite Mary Englebrite check book cover that I treasured because Scott bought it for me when Emily was a baby
36. Friends
37. My mind
38. My bottom retainer, I think my dog ate it!
39. 3 babies that I know of
40. My identity but I am on my way to getting it back, I am God’s beloved child!

"I have found..."
41. Jesus
42. The love of my life and my very best friend
43. That I LOVE being a mother
44. I can do things by myself
45. That I am smart
46. That I am beautiful
47. A booger that my cousin (MISSY) flicked in my hair, EWWWWW!
48. That my kids are growing up too fast
49. Sticks and stones break your bones but name calling really does hurt you too!
50. Out that my identity is in Christ alone and not what anyone else want to label me

"I love..."
51. My Heavenly Father.
52. My husband 4-ever
53. My sweet beautiful amazing kids
54. Homeschooling
55. Staying home with my kids SO SO SO MUCH
56. Digi scrapping
57. Diet A&W Root Beer
58. Driving for hours with my family
59. Late night dates with Scott at Denny’s
60. My life

"I can..."
61. Homeschool
62. Be a SAHM and still be someone
63. Continue my education without college
64. Have a messy house and still be a GREAT mom and wife
65. Be poor and still be so rich
66. Still live after one of my babies gets cancer (I never thought I could).
67. Catch purdy good
68. Live without a car
69. Have two kids before I’m 20 and survive
70. Do all things with Christ

"I loathe..."
71. Cigarette smoke
72. What our government did to the Native Americans
73. Racism
74. Constant unsolicited advice
75. Registration stickers for our cars
76. Knowing that no one will ever truly own their own property because of taxes
77. Immodesty (even though I am guilty of it).
78. Pornography and Pedophiles
79. Vanity

"I hope..."
81. All my children grow to passionately love the Lord
82. Emily will be cured and never EVER have cancer again (I PRAY!!).
83. No one else in our family ever gets cancer again
84. Modesty makes a come-back
85. Libertarians WIN elections and lots of ‘em!
86. My bangs grow back fast (I cut them REALLY crooked because I can’t see with out my glasses and it looks horrible!)
87. I lose 82 lbs
88. All my kids truly and passionately LOVE THE LORD (and I’ll say that a million times!)
89. We can refinance this year
90. That my kids never move far away

"I am trying..."
91. To live my life for Christ
92. To stop yelling
93. To be an encouragement to my husband
94. Soak up every moment with my kids
95. Get over a really bad hair cut
96. Stop beating myself up!
97. To be less judgmental
98. To make more time for my children
99. Get over every harsh and stupid thing ever said to me
100. To do my best

Crystal Starr said...

Opps I forgot two (25 + 26), oh wellss! =)

leah said...

Here's my blog post; here's my list:

At least two other Leah's have posted their lists; I'm Leah of desert spirit's fire, though I'm playing on this far by faith, my testimony blog. None of my lists are ranked, just blogged in whatever order I thought of them. A few are a little contrived, since I wanted to make the April 15 closing date; and, of course, none are complete—I just aimed for totals of 10.

"I have lived.." followed by 10 things

1. within a short walk of urban, suburban and rural beaches
2. in very inner city and very rural areas
3. above a banana warehouse, in a Federal style house and in a triple decker
4. in three (3) parsonages (as an adult—no, I'm not a PK)
5. on foodstamps, handouts and hope
6. here and now in this moment and too much in an unknown future
7. without friends, family or community
8. in the shelter, nurture and provision of the Church
9. in intense pain and with abounding joy
10. baptized: for Jesus Christ and for the world

"I have witnessed..." followed by 10 things

11. Sunset and sunrise
12. Lunchtime in the Central Business District
13. birth and death and birth and death and birth...
14. Jamestown, Virginia - needless to say, as a tourist, since this year marks the settlement's 400th anniversary
15. Promontory Point, Utah - as a tourist, of course!
16. the Mighty Mississipp in at least a dozen places
17. breathtaking cruelties
18. shattered hopes: my own and too many others'
19. overwhelming sorrow: my own and too many others'
20. hope's resurgence: my own and others', as well

"I have heard..." 10 things

21. Boston Symphony Orchestra in Symphony Hall and at Tanglewood
22. The Utah Symphony Orchestra in Abravanel Hall
23. Silence
24. [and played] the Christian Müller organ in St. Bavokerk, Haarlem
25. gunfire
26. falling snow
27. hurricanes
28. First light, noonday and last light birdsongs
29. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the Salt Lake Tabernacle
30. Lunchtime in the CBD

"I have lost..." 10 things

31. Too many friends
32. Meaning, hope and purpose
33. visions and dreams
34. trust
35. Too many jobs—good ones, bad and nondescript
36. one umbrella
37. one favorite Viyella scarf
38. my credit card
39. two pregnancies
40. my ability to organize much of anything very well—or did I ever have that ability?

"I have found..." 10 things

41. friends in surprising places
42. Hope and energy to make yet another new beginning
43. faithful friendships on the internet – one of the most surprising!
44. More than one $20 bill
45. being bright, educated and skilled does not guarantee anything
46. people often are far less compassionate and far more compassionate than I'd anticipated
47. meaning and purpose help keep you sane, but friends and community keep you alive
48. meaning, purpose and new hope
49. a taste for almost any kind of cuisine, ethnic, ordinary and/or unusual
50. my credit card, in my living room, after reporting it lost and getting the account cancelled

"I love..." 10 things

51. the Church—sometimes more than I love Jesus
52. the sacraments
53. the desert, the city, the seashore
54. worshiping with the larger church (judicatory assemblies, mission festivals...)
55. colorful, well-designed textiles and pottery and stoneware and all such related—outstanding graphic design in general
56. preaching and teaching
57. performing on the piano in public
58. socializing with friends and strangers
59. talking! And listening.
60. casual clothes

"I can..." 10 things

61. play 27 Beethoven Piano Sonatas to public performance level
62. duplicate almost any recipe I've eaten out of my imagination (and a few essential ingredients)
63. parallel park on less than a dime
64. drive a stick shift
65. turn out some astonishing freehand graphic art
66. create sometimes amazing digitized graphic design—thanks, Adobe! "Thank You" to my many software instructors, too.
67. create a mood on the piano
68. play almost any song by ear
69. find the most implausible and improbable excuses and explanations for any human's behavior on the planet
70. mediate any disagreement imaginable

"I loathe..." 10 things

71. Lima Beans
72. being alone anywhere – gives me ultra-major anxiety
73. being misunderstood
74. miscommunications
75. egregious vulgarity
76. ignorance and stupidity
77. dry sandwiches—hey, I'm the mayonnaise queen!
78. lost luggage (happened just once, in Cleveland)
79. dropped calls
80. slow downloads – these last 2 aren't real big deals, just needed to finish the loathe list

"I hope..." 10 things

81. for the UCC, ELCA and PC(USA) – all church bodies trying to contain more diversity than any human institution can hold – an ability to live and thrive with an exceedingly rich mixture under the sovereignty of Jesus Christ.
82. for a tomorrow for everyone
83. for Jubilee Justice for the world
84. for peace in our time
85. to learn the remaining 5 Beethoven piano Sonatas
86. faithfully to discern God's current call to me
87. to find a community that celebrates my gifts!
88. to help God change the world
89. to shed tears of sorrow and cry tears of joy again
90. to shed this anxiety

"I am trying..." 10 things

91. to forget
92. to remember
93. to be my own best friend
94. to pray more often with greater trust
95. to simply read – not study – scripture far more frequently
96. to be a friend to many
97. to learn to be alone with myself
98. to salvage a life consonant with my education, skills and experiences.
99. to make a difference in the world and in the world of the Church
100. to be faithful to God's call for my life

Thank You, APRIL!!! This was wonderful!!!

Jennifer said...

"I have lived…"
1. in the northeast United States for all but one year of college
2. away from my husband and children Monday to Friday as I began a new job and our house sat on a stalled market
3. anxiously, at times, wondering if the too-brief lives of some of my relatives will mean a too-brief life for me
4. in very wealthy communities and very poor, learning that sometimes people are people, no matter the size of the wallet
5. in a house that should have been condemned—with a closet that used to welcome bats to my room each night
6. with plenty, and with want
7. with the same college roommate for three years—I love you, Sue!
8. to regret only a couple of my life’s choices
9. on an island—and was likely too in junior high/high school (gotta get outta here!) mode to really cherish the place and experience
10. to be the first member of my immediate family to own my own home

"I have witnessed..."
1. a young cellist literally merge with the music he was playing during a performance of Holst’s “The Planets”
2. the arrival of a male and female cardinal on the feeder in our backyard
3. an ocean baptism where the waves literally washed people into the water as my father called out “Do you believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?” before the waves came over them
4. the amusing shower-like spray of milk from my ready-to-nurse breasts
5. my daughter’s eyes as she stepped too deeply into a pool and realized she could neither swim nor breathe—and felt that deep lingering panic/relief as my sister leapt in to lift her to the air
6. Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim and Christian experiences of worship, prayer and meditation
7. my daughter take her first steps, read her first words, ride her bike without training wheels—and become, day by day, her very own person
8. a decrease in my own tolerance for violent or negative entertainment—having learned that I must metabolize all that enters through my senses, I’m much more selective
9. my own capacity to travel beyond perceived limits as I birthed two perfectly-formed children in two awe-inspiring natural births
10. how great losses can lead to great gains—and yet, the gain does not erase the great pain of the loss

"I have heard..."
1. my grandfather belting out hymns tearfully while surrounded by his family in many a congregation—and now I, too, am a hymn-crier….
2. my children laughing uproariously with one another when absorbed in their own time and space
3. the Indigo Girls many times in concert, and I never tire of the vibration I feel when they hit those perfect moments of harmony
4. my grandmother tell her granddaughters they need to learn to like sex!
5. songs that have, quite literally, saved me—an early Amy Grant concert video was a lifeline in junior high, and I hear Lori McKenna’s “One Man” and know she had a role in preserving my marriage
6. David Sedaris—and think his delightfully nasal voice is as endearing and comic in person as it is via radio
7. news of tragic proportions, and sometimes find myself unable to emotionally respond or react
8. the same piece of music capture both the great loss of my mother at her memorial service, and my children’s inestimable joy as they dance to the piece in our home
9. God’s voice quite literally rising from within me
10. the sweet, sweet sound of my son singing “Silent Night” with me as we snuggle toward sleep

"I have lost..."
1. and gained more pounds than I’d like!
2. the ability to balance on a bike, with some post-pregnancies vertigo
3. the ability to ride a rollercoaster (including the kiddie Polar Coaster at Storyland) due to this same vertigo
4. many, many hours of sleep in caring for a dear son with ear and respiratory infections that meant (and mean) very poor sleep habits!
5. any adolescent myth of immortality I once might have carried
6. a few friends due to our inability to live out a new story of possibility across differences
7. my belief that there are good people and bad, finding instead that we are all a powerful mix of both
8. confidence that right will always prevail—or that there even is a clear “right” to win out
9. some of my desire to travel as an American in foreign countries, wishing we could be a place without borders and biases—not wanting to wear the current reputation of my country on my sleeve as I move about the world
10. any notion that money can buy happiness….but a new roof and a vacation would be nice!

"I have found..."
1. seeking often means not finding, but opening and waiting sometimes means the answer is dropped in my lap
2. my sister and I have a root level of shared understanding from shared living that is irreplaceable
3. my marriage has become more intimate and connected as we’ve uncovered and acknowledged its very fragility
4. few things move me more than music that connects me to a meaningful time and place
5. God is far greater than my current imagination and capacity
6. being a parent can dwell in the “best” and “worst” categories of life within the very same moments
7. friendship sometimes takes great work, and sometimes happens in an instant (with special thoughts of some of my new friends who were an immediate “click” for me!)
8. once fixed ideas of my identity are more fluid than I once could have acknowledged—and the more I grow, the less I believe I truly know with certainty
9. that both women and men can abuse power, or can use it for good
10. energy literally emanates from my body when I see my children in pain or need

"I love..."
1. Matthew, and just as importantly, the partnership we’ve formed
2. the smell of my children’s hair and skin after they’ve emerged fresh from a bath
3. imagining living in every place I visit
4. the radio (and now television) program “This American Life”
5. Pepperidge Farms’ Hearty Wheat crackers (particularly with cinnamon apple sauce on top—a culinary delight from my college roommate, Sue!)
6. Anne Lamott’s brutal honesty, revealing the sacred in some of the least expected places
7. how I feel after practicing yoga—and yet I still resist developing a regular practice!
8. women writers of all sorts (Barbara Kingsolver, Nancy Mairs)
9. memoirs, and the revelation through them that all ordinary people live through extraordinary circumstances
10. the post-Thanksgiving sandwich of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and a little it of mayonnaise

"I can..."
1. type quickly, despite never learning the proper finger placements
2. play basic tunes on a variety of musical instruments, despite being a student of only piano, clarinet and voice
3. find metaphors for the realm of the spirit in every day living, and tune quickly from the practical to a sense of great truth
4. experience true lapses of self-confidence mingled with a sense that I have the potential to create world-changing effects
5. make conversation with academics in most any discipline—though some are harder than others
6. blog better or more faithfully than I can scrapbook
7. write and deliver a compelling message
8. do more physically than I often give myself credit for
9. easily spend a day with a fire in the fireplace and a book on my lap
10. let go of things more easily than people

"I loathe..."
1. racism, sexism, heterosexism—despite that I’m affected by it inside and out every day
2. cigarette smoke—particularly as it affects my possibly-asthmatic son
3. when negative stereotypes are reinforced by individual behaviors, and I have to work to unlearn them all over again
4. the division of religious communities over the question of who is welcomed through the doors
5. how sometimes I decide I don’t like people who I actually secretly admire and envy
6. war, and weapons turned on one another
7. abuse—of self, other, and the planet (again, despite that I’m often an unconscious or conscious participant)
8. how my resistance to forgiving often keeps ME from feeling free, though I imagine who I’m really chaining is my transgressor
9. pithy sayings designed to make sense or order out of events or moments that truly have no earthly sense or order
10. seeing my children in physical or emotional pain

"I hope..."
1. I’ll be able to come up with 100 things—eek, this is challenging!
2. I will vote for and see a woman president of the United States
3. one day to live in a truly peaceful, gentle day—but perhaps I should first start with an hour!
4. current efforts to save the planet will somehow bring about a new sense of unity and shared humanity
5. my father will find more experiences of pure joy than pure sadness
6. to see my grandparents again while they’re still living
7. to travel soon to the Pacific Northwest to visit our family there
8. to retire in a home that lets me see Otsego Lake every morning, noon and night
9. my dear partner will find that life actually has a calling for him, and that future work will hold true meaning
10. my children find one person in life who truly loves them in the way their parents love one another

"I am trying..."
1. to be more present
2. to breathe consciously for at least a moment each day
3. to give people the benefit of the doubt (hence, the name of the blog!)
4. to try more often to eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m satisfied
5. to imagine the possibility that I might live a good, long life—and consider how I make today’s choices differently when I conceive of this as true
6. to eat more vegetables and fewer sweets
7. to skim the few magazines we receive as soon as they come through the door—quick recycling, fewer piles!
8. to feel my feet on the earth, and realize She is holding me up
9. to read, write and study more for love than requirement
10. to dwell in a place of love

This was a fabulous exercise, both to read and to write--thanks so much!

Beth said...

"I have lived.."

1. in 15 different houses (not including dorms in college) in my 37 years.
2. with the man of my dreams for 7 years, 356 days.
3. in the city and died in the suburbs.
4. for 5 glorious days on Martha's Vineyard...on my honeymoon!
5. with some very big secrets.
6. through my parent's divorce - even though I thought I would die.
7. in the light of God's love.
8. in Maryland, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.
9. in a third story walk up when I was pregnant with my first child!
10. since the 1960's (okay well the very end of 1969 but that was the 60's!).

"I have witnessed..."

1. the beauty of my children's birth.
2. a rainstorm of shooting stars.
3. the tragedy of 9/11.
4. the coming together that tragedy can bring.
5. the powerful moving of God's Holy Spirit.
6. the peaceful death of my Grandmother.
7. my kids doing the "nakey" dance.
8. the power of motherhood.
9. fierce determination of love.
10. everyday miracles.

"I have heard..."

1. my husband say "I do".
2. the beauty of my children's first cry.
3. my inner voice of criticism.
4. my inner voice of love.
5. my babies call me mama.
6. my father tell me he is proud of me.
7. James Taylor in concert close to 10 times.
8. the inaudible call of God in my heart.
9. the Dora the Explorer theme song more times than anyone should.
10. the silence of death.

"I have lost..."

1. my mind on occasion.
2. my keys practically everyday.
3. the same pounds over and over again.
4. my passion for God - more than once.
5. my self confidence.
6. more socks than I can count - what is it with the dryer???
7. my innocence and optimism.
8. my best friend.
9. track of time when blogging!
10. the ability to fake it when I am mad, hurt, angry etc.

"I have found..."

1. God's grace really IS amazing.
2. a child's honesty to be refreshing.
3. that it DOES take a village to raise a child.
4. my passion for God - over and over again.
5. that motherhood is likely the most powerful force in nature.
6. spring after winter is the best gift in the world.
7. that diamonds are really sparkly and nice.
8. that to have a good marriage you must work at it.
9. the world is a seriously messed up place.
10. laughter is often the very best medicine.

"I love..."

1. Jesus - more than I can ever say.
2. my husband - more and more each day.
3. my children - with a love that is stronger than death.
4. my mother - with a grateful heart.
5. being a mother - more than I ever imagined I could.
6. Phish Food ice cream.
7. my engagement and wedding rings.
8. crawling into bed at night.
9. making love.
10. caffeine free diet coke.

"I can..."

1. hang a spoon from my nose and then flip it into my mouth.
2. pop most of my joints out of place and back in again.
3. go from zero to bitch in less than 10 seconds.
4. be the most devoted and loyal friend in the world.
5. teach my kids how to read and write.
6. try and see Jesus in everyone.
7. usually see both sides of a situation.
8. construct a three point argument in my head before the fight has begun.
9. forgive but not forget.
10. love until it hurts and then keep on loving.

"I loathe..."

1. the "isms"...racism, sexism, ageism, and on and on.
2. the ever widening gap between rich and poor.
3. the stigma in being different from the norm.
4. coffee of any flavor - you can dress it up but it still tastes bad.
5. spanking of children.
6. the awful lighting in dressing rooms - can't they work on that?
7. shaving my pits and legs.
8. brussel sprouts - ew.
9. WAR.
10. seeing my children in any kind of pain.

"I hope..."

1. that the war ends soon and that our men and women come home.
2. that we have good choices for the next President.
3. that I can begin to live as a real disciple of Jesus.
4. that my mom lives forever.
5. that my marriage gets better and better and better.
6. that my children grow up to be free thinkers and to love God and themselves.
7. that serving others as a way of life catches on like wildfire.
8. that my friend's post partum depression eases up really soon.
9. that my life will be authentic and inviting.
10. that I still make someone proud.

"I am trying..."

1. to broaden my horizons.
2. to be better at recycling.
3. to raise my children in a gentle and non-punitive environment.
4. to love more freely than I have in the past.
5. to educate my children about the plight of people around the globe.
6. to be a responsible inhabitant of the earth.
7. to be more consistent in prayer.
8. to perfect my pizza crust.
9. to be less judgemental.
10. to knit the perfect hat.

Beth said...

Mine is posted here!


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