19 April 2007

Three reasons why I've not been here... and may not be for a bit

1. Life has been so incredibly full of, well... life, these last two weeks.

2. In the midst of triumphs and struggles being encountered by friends and loved ones and to a much lesser extent, us, taking time to type one-handed posts while juggling Daniel and ignoring Annalivia has seemed a poor and irresponsible decision.

3. I've been using the time when I juggle Daniel and ignore Annalivia (I hope everyone realizes I'm being facetious) to read some books.

I'll be back very soon.


Unknown said...

Gosh April, I just don't get it. You can't juggle Daniel, blog, give attention to Annalivia, and read some books? (All said with tongue in cheek.) We will miss you. You take care of those sweet little ones, and your sanity.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your forthcoming weeks, and hope to blog again soon. Will keep checking back to your blog, and thanks for running the 100-days of 2007 -- a great idea!