11 April 2007

And more pics...

Little Daniel Robert practicing head control

Daniel and the Easter bunny
Annalivia arranging her hunted eggs at my mom and dad's house
One of the more hilarious Easter eggs, this one by Geoff

For some reason, my youngest sister, Kalin, managed to avoid being photographed. But here is my sister, Lil, brother in law, Jake, and their children, Cleya and Lirah

And here's my sister, Marissa, her boyfriend, the good Rev. Geoff, and her son, Rhys holding an egg that he decorated to look like her.
Marissa decorated an entire series of eggs to look like each of us. Those pics are on Lil's camera, though, so they'll have to come later.
Annalivia flowering the cross on Easter morning at church
The flowered cross. These flowers were given to us by my mother from her garden. They were going to be attacked by a frost, so she cut them down and gave them to me to be used for the purpose of celebrating the Resurrection. I thought it was a great metaphor for the Resurrection itself -- when death threatens the beauty we are created to be, Christ offers us the opportunity to be used for something greater. Pretty neat, eh?


Anonymous said...

GREAT shot of Annalivia lining up the eggs.

Unknown said...

Now that is one handsome Easter bunny with the baby bunny!
Good pics. I gotto get mine up.

Jimmy said...

good stuff.
wow. he sure has grown.

and her tricycle safety suit..hilarious.

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

These pictures made me cry.

You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful family, and I know you know this . . .but just keep cherishing it anyway. Life is fleeting.

I am proud of you. Your children are beautiful, and you found the love of your life.