06 September 2006

Photos, photos, photos

We've had such a good time enjoying this fall weather around here with a couple trips to the park in the last week. Last Thursday, Dennis took the day off so that he could finish a paper and I could do work on a funeral. After I spent the morning at church and he spent the morning with Annalivia, we all went out to the park for lunch.
Here we enjoy an ultra- nutritious lunch.

Annalivia learned how to climb up and down the steps to the play equipment.

Then she learned how to go down the slide by herself. The static on her hair was hilarious.

On Labor Day, Annalivia and I went down to Eureka to give Dennis some time to study. We got to spend the end of Labor Day with the aunts and cousins. This is my youngest sister, Kalin with Annalivia. Kalin is universally adored by her neices and nephews, though she does absolutely nothing to merit such devotion. I try to take pictures of her holding Annalivia whenever possible. I have two such photos. In this one, she's actually smiling.

We met over at Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington and ate Avanti's subs for dinner. Here are cousin Rhys (Marissa's son) and cousin Cleya (Lil's daughter).

We did some playing, too.

Annalivia enjoyed swinging.

The highlight, though, were these stairs that allowed Annalivia to go up AND DOWN them like a big girl. She went up and down about 30 times.

The cousins had a pretty good time together.

And here's Kalin and Rhys being best friends. She really is a great aunt.


Anonymous said...

april! please, please....don't mention avanti's subs!! i miss them so. we have nothing to compare here in lowly decatur. and hey! you were just about 45 min. from me this weekend! i live just south of bloomington. next time you are going to be in eureka let me know. we can meet in bloomington. my mom lives in washburn. i know it only takes me like 1:10 to get to secor. and what great photos! your little girl looks similar to my youngest.


April said...

Oh, I know, Avanti's is SOOOO good!! I miss it.
And let's DO meet sometime, Deborah! Maybe we can get other central Illinois CH-ers to meet, too! Maybe at Avanti's...

Kalin said...

I wish I had been making the same expression as Annalivia. That would have been a great picture.

Crystal Starr said...

April I just can't tell you enough how super SUPER cute that little girl of yours is!!!! SHEESH lady she is just toooooo much cute!!!!

April said...

Awww, thanks Crystal!
Kali... I did have another copy with both of you looking very similarly suspicious. But I thought the one with you actually smiling while holding a neice or nephew to be rare enough to publish for the world. Mwahhahhahhah!

Unknown said...

I'm new to your blog and I was just wondering...is your little sister wearing a Sigma Sigma Sigma sweatshirt? I'm one and was just curious if I ran into a sister.

April said...

Hi, Andie... My sister is a member of Sigma Alpha at Truman State in Missouri. It's an ag sorority, I believe.