10 September 2006

Getting kicked around

I remember when I was pregnant with Annalivia waiting anxiously for that first flutter that would indicate she was actually in there and moving around. I think it came about 18 weeks and for the longest time, I was bewildered by what was going on.
This time around, at 17 weeks, Littler McStew has been relentlessly pummeling his/her momma for the last month. But today in church -- oh my goodness!! I think this kid has a bone to pick or something!
It is funny how less than two years have passed and I've already forgotten what it was like with Annalivia. I don't remember sharp jabs and round ligament pain. I don't remember overwhelming tiredness or the forgetfulness I experience now. I do remember time passing incredibly slowly and feeling very unsure about what comes next.
This afternoon, Annalivia and I are getting ready to head down south to my hometown to prepare for the funeral for my great-uncle Jerry. Annalivia is so old now and I can't help but look at her as she pulls her clothes out of the drawers to "help" me pack and think about how she was swimming in those newborn outfits a year and a half ago. As she sprawls across me when I rock her before her nap, I think about her curled up under my chin when she was first born. I'm glad I get a second chance to take note of all those things again. Maybe this time I'll actually remember.


A. Lin said...

Pregnancy goes by much faster with number two--esp. if you are chasing number one everywhere. I took special note of things during my second pregnancy, but it did go by way too fast.

Savor this pregnancy for what it is worth.

Unknown said...

prayers for you with the loss of your Uncle.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, the thrill of new life moving and bouncing around in there. Sounds like my son - he was like carrying a tanker truck. :)

April, I'm sorry about your uncle's passing - what a blessing for your family to see you in front in their time of grief. May Father fill you with all the strength and grace you need to attend to this duty of love.