05 September 2006

Another glimpse of the man I married

On Saturday at a funeral, an older lady in our congregation told me that she hopes that this baby will be a boy and that we'll name him, "Enough."
While I hate comments like that (i.e. 'I hope you're through!' or 'You don't need more than two children!') I haven't really figured out a way to respond to them. I was telling Dennis about this and my dilemma in figuring out how to respond and he said, "Well, I would have said, 'Don't worry. You'll probably be dead by the time we have number three!'"
I guess there's a reason he's not the pastor.


Amalee Issa said...

Your post made me smile; pregnancy seems to give onlookers the right to make cheeky comments. This occurs even, yes EVEN, in Britain, and you know how serially private and restrained the Brits are supposed to be. I like your blog, especially the picture at the head. Yours came up as the next blog from mine!

Perhaps you could have a tee-shirt printed up...

"Comment on my pregnancy and I shall slap you violently"

A. Lin said...

I have always found it both annoying and amusing that people must comment on pregnancy. Once you are married, people ask when you will have children. Once you have one, they ask when you will have another. If you have two of the same gender (as I do), they assume that you are heartbroken if you don't try again to "complete" your family (by having a girl in my case). Even if you have three of the same gender, no one faults you for trying for that opposite sex. But if you have mixed genders, they question you if you have more than two or three.

As for myself, I have two boys. I don't want to try for a girl. If I do happen to get pregnant again, I will want another boy even though I bet I'll get a lot of comments from strangers about having a girl.

People like to comment on sexual things, and I guess that pregnancy is one of the more acceptable topics for polite conversation in this area. However, I think that discussing the weather is always better than inane comments about the way things are supposed to be.

I will need a t-shirt that says what amalee issa stated above if I ever get pregnant again.