05 September 2009

September remember #5

Daniel has a fever and cough today. He is fussy, punky, naughty...and also...super-sweet. I read him Thomas stories at noon after he climbed into bed of his own accord. At 3 he wanted to lie down with me, so we laid down on the couch and he fell asleep again. Poor little guy.


Annalivia was being an incredibly patient and kind big sister today. Nothing she did was the right thing for Daniel, but instead of getting frustrated she just did other things. We let her watch a movie upstairs as a bit of a treat and after his nap, Daniel went up, took out her dvd which was mid-story, and put in one of his own. That almost did her in. Long-suffering for much more than 8 hours is tough when you're 4.

At the EtCetera Shoppe today, I found several of my favorite books from childhood, including Sleeping Beauty as illustrated by Sheilah Beckett. It was part of "The Best Book Club Ever", a book service from Random House that my maternal grandmother received. Finding these books reminded me of another favorite Snow White and Rose Red also produced by the book club. I found it for $2 on ebay and discovered that it is also illustrated Sheilah Beckett. Then I found out that a lot of the books I loved as a girl were illustrated by her. Very cool.

We had a guy come to the house today to give us a quote on drywalling everything. My aunt, the former architect happened (happened?) to call afterwards and when I mentioned this, she pointed out the increased noise that is transmitted in houses with drywall vs. houses with plaster. She also pointed out that, save for the parsonage, I've lived in houses with plaster walls my whole life. I am grateful for her insight. In a big ol' house with wood floors and high ceilings full of already-noisy kids, adding what would basically function as drumskins to the walls may not be the way to go. We're getting a quote from a plasterer on Monday.

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Tonya said...

I'm very interested to know that about plaster. Next time we build a house.....