01 September 2009

September remember #1

Today, Annalivia had to go to the bathroom while we were out and about. We found a spot in the country where she could do her business. Daniel is a little monkey-do and said he had to go pee-pee, too. I reminded him that he was wearing a diaper, then got Annalivia out of the van. I was helping her, giving instructions on the finer points of going to the bathroom outside, and heard Daniel getting out of his seat in the van. I didn't pay much attention. But when Annalivia and I turned around to get back in the van, I found a little boy, shoes off, completely naked from the waist down (wearing an American flag sweater and a lobster shirt from the waist up.) He didn't understand why Mommy was laughing so hard. :)
Also, my new computer came today. I opened it up as the kids were headed up for baths with Daddy. Annalivia saw it and said, "Awwww, you got a new computer! Can I have your old one?"