13 June 2008


I have spent the day today calling people to tell them that I am resigning as their pastor today.

I know that's not the conventional way to do it, but I also know that sending a letter first to this congregation who really is more like family would be a terrible way to announce this departure. They'll get the letter on Sunday.

In the meantime, I've talked to almost every regular attendee. I tried to visit face-to-face with some folks who have been very important to me. The others have gotten a phone call and an apology that I'm not there in person to tell them.

I kind of hate to admit this, but I am surprised -- almost shocked -- to find out that people are really, really going to miss me! I look back over the last seven years, and it is the gaping holes that are most obvious, the places where I could-have or should-have. I am glad that they have reminded me of the places where I have. Thank God that they were paying attention.

The reason I am resigning is primarily because Dennis has accepted a position as an engineer in Morton, IL. It is an incredible position at a company with a secure future, or, at least, as secure as one can find in the current manufacturing climate. And they have been very, very generous with him.

I am very excited, especially, because their generosity means that I will get to stay home with the kiddos. I have known since they were born that mothering them was my greatest calling. I am very, very, very grateful that I am going to be able to mother them in this new way -- with no sermons to research, no office to visit or not-visit, no congregants to rush off and pastor.

The most wonderful thing is that we know, we know that all of this is exactly what we need to do. It is clear to us that God has provided this way for us. In fact, it has happened in an almost magical way -- divine, really! :) We were not looking to leave and had actually talked to Dennis' mom about staying here and buying property from her and living out there. Then Dennis got a call from a headhunter and the guy had this position in mind for him.

Dennis had an informal interview with the engineering manager who called the headhunter back and told him that she was sure that the company wanted Dennis. The headhunter gave her a salary figure that was just kind of amazing to us and when she balked at it, he told her that Dennis was very worth it.

The company called him back for another interview and it went very well. He was there for a looooonnnnngggg time. It was only 45 minutes after the interview that the company called and offered Dennis the job at the amazing number! I don't think we could have asked for it to happen in a cooler way!

And since then, and really, before that, everything has just been laid out before us in the most amazing ways. We have had some other miraculous financial news and we are just astonished at the events at hand! In 90-ish days, my husband will be working at a job that will obviously value him and his experience and knowledge, I will be home with my kiddos, we will be living in Eureka, we will have all our debts paid, we'll have a six month emergency fund, and we'll have a very, very substantial savings for the future. It will be a whole new life! Resurrection, really.

I am just so amazed, awed and humbled at how God has answered and is answering so many of our prayers. And I am reminded of the thousands of times I have worried and fretted. What have I to fear, really? I need to remember that He is good to His people.

I may have to tattoo that on my forehead.

And those of you who have told me that all would be well have permission to tell me "I told you so."

But only once. :)


more cows than people said...

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Thanks be to God.

Meredith said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful opportunity.

The Waltons said...

When I first started reading the post, I thought maybe you were going for the Eureka Christian Church opening. My mom said the pastor's retiring... Sounds like you've got quite the opportunity the way it is though, huh? That's awesome April!

j said...

This sounds WONDERFUL. I am thrilled for you, April! Amen, and Alleluia!!

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

April, I kid you not we were just planning on coming to your church to watch you. I am so glad for you and your family. I hope that we can see you more often! Your family has to be so happy. Yay!!

Linda Hunsaker said...

Blessings to you and your family -- God's opens windows all the time when we think doors are closed. Again congrats to your family!!! And maybe since you will be a little closer, you still will want to hang out with your disciple buddies.

Donna Boucher said...

Oh April!
I am so happy for you.

Praise God! He is so good.

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

:) I've already told you, but I am very happy for you. :)

April said...

Thank you, all! We're still a little giddy around here!

Maria Baker said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! That's fantastic McStew!

Amalee Issa said...

Oh well done, this is such good news and good luck after all your hard work. Now don't stop blogging, April!


~liz said...

how amazing, april!!! i can't wait to hear all about the big move, the job change, being fulltime at home...congrats to you all!!!
so are you going to find a farmhouse with acreage? :)

Andrea @ Momma in Flip Flops2 said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful opportunity and you're going to love being closer to your family and staying home with the kiddo's.

Anonymous said...

April! That is fabulous news! Did you know that I have quietly prayed that God would give you the desires of your heart? I didn't know for sure what you desired...but...well, it looks like He has worked all things out. :)

I pray so many blessings for your sweet family!

April said...

Oh, Holly... Thank you so much. Your kindness is overwhelming. Thank you.