30 January 2007

This man I married

Regular readers of this blog are probably getting tired of me gushing about my beloved husband, but y'all are just going to have to deal with it because this man has outdone himself again tonight.
Last night, for several reasons, I was awake for three hours in the middle of the night.(i.e, baby niece was born, I was excited, I have to pee an insane amount because my bladder is squished into the size of a thimble, Annalivia woke up, Annalivia woke up again, Annalivia would not go back to sleep, Annalivia woke up yet another time...)
ANYWAY, suffice to say -- today I was tired and had kind of a busy day meeting with the funeral family, arranging the burial a la my previous post, cooking a lasagna with tomato sauce that needed to be used because I made it on Saturday, making some cupcakes because I'm crazy, etc.
And about 7 p.m., I just felt like I hit a wall. I was done icing cupcakes and was standing in the kitchen and all of a sudden, I just felt like I could neither stand nor ice nor do anything anymore. So I went to my bedroom and breathed a lot and eventually, about one-half hour later, fell sound asleep leaving a kitchen with lasagna dishes and cupcake dishes and icing dishes still to be washed and a very tired child needing a bath and bed and a very tired husband needing to do homework . And me -- fast asleep. Not oblivous, but ignoring all.
After Dennis came to bed about an hour ago, I got up to finish the funeral and emerged from the bedroom to a perfectly clean kitchen -- more clean than I would ever make it -- cupcakes put in Rubbermaid containers, dishes -- including the lasagna pan-- clean, counters wiped down. Child clean and sound asleep in her own bed. Toys put away. Homework mostly done. Husband so tired he was asleep in less than 5 minutes because his nightly quota of sleep is the amount I got last night even with my three-hour interruption!
How in the name of heaven was I ever blessed enough to marry this man? If there is NO other sign(and for the record, there are plenty) of grace in my life -- something I DEFINITELY don't deserve -- this would be tangible evidence enough of a God who loves me beyond all reason.
What an amazing man! What the heck is he doing with me?


Joby said...

Ahhh, I love him, too. And by the way you would be proud of me. I started up again. 2 posts in 2 days. check it out.

The single Godparent.

p.s. I have one of those quirky names, too, and ironically my title is Reverend in it. JOby

Unknown said...

What a man. He must be a real man.

And what he is doing with you is loving you.

hip2b said...

In my experience, great partners usually have great partners.

April said...

He IS really quite astonishing. I have a hard time thinking that I ever get NEAR that level of astonishment, but thank you for the suggestion that it is a possibility!

Jobs, welcome back, brutha/ g-dad. Post your title, will ya? It'll be another Christmas card possibility!