22 January 2007

My unexpected friend

Today is my little sistah Lil's birthday. She's 25 today. She's also 39 weeks pregnant.
I am so thankful for Lillia. She is a friend I am still kind of surprised that I have.
Lillia is 6 1/2 years younger than I am. When she was born, I don't think my sister, Marissa, and I knew what to make of her. Consequently, we made life pretty difficult for little Lil.
Somehow, despite our best efforts, Lillia grew up into this person who is gracious and kind, easy-going yet passionate, disciplined and devoted. She's hilarious and intelligent and has always been one of the most generous and creative people I've ever met. She's a great mother and a blessed wife. Essentially, she is who I want to be.
What is especially cool is that Lillia is a great friend to me. She is the sister I call a couple times a week and she lets me talk to her about everything. She's great at maintaining levity and also being a sympathetic commiserator when necessary.
She's just one cool chicka.
And today, she is 25 and more than ready to give birth to her second child, her second daughter. I'm excited about that niece, but, frankly, today I'm more excited that God gave me this little sister to love and adore and treasure. Now that I've gained some wisdom with age, I see that her family were the ones who got the gift on her birthday. She really is amazing. And I'm glad she's here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Apey, I love you.

April said...

And I love you, Lilly. Happy day to you.