06 November 2006

My new loves

Did you know that Lindt has come out with extra dark chocolate truffles? Divine. And pretty low suguar.

And this may be my new favorite bar. Marzipan, dark chocolate and cappuccino. Mmmm...

Neither are cheap. But wow, are they worth it!

Goodness. God sure did a good thing when God created chocolate.


Anonymous said...

(Writhing in agony at the mere sight!)

Oh how nice, April.

(Racing off to rip through cupboard to look for some dark chocolate at MY house.)

Psalmist said...

Oooh, chocolate! One of my oldest, dearest friends!

Are you familiar with virtualchocolate.com? I have a feeling you would love it. And it's all guilt-free! You can even send chocolate-grams to people.

Glad to hear the casts are off and that you're healing well. You remain in my prayers, April, along with your baby and husband and little girl. Thanks for the sweet comments over at my place. You really lifted my spirits with your visits.