27 July 2006

Reading while reclining

As I've spent lots of time reclining, I've turned to my old standards and have been re-reading for the billionth time my collection of Madeleine L'Engle. From Meet The Austins, here's one of my favorite quotes.
God is over all things, under all things;
outside all;
within, but not enclosed;
without, but not excluded;
above, but not raised up;
below, but not depressed;
wholly above, presiding;
wholly without, embracing;
wholly within, filling
~Hildevert de Lavardin, 1125


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh....old books = dear old friends. I'm so jealous. If things don't slow down soon, I will....I will...I don't know what I'll do, but it will be VERY serious. :)

The quote is beautiful...and dare I say it? I'm not familiar with this book. (ducking) I will find it as soon as possible!! :)
~Dawn (Who has been sadly neglecting her daily blogging jog!)

April said...

It's a children's book, Dawn, and is the rather meandering story of a family living their lives. This quote isn't really representative of the whole book, though I think it's pretty representative of L'Engle on the whole :)
I find that most all of the books I read and re-read are children's books. Does that say something unflattering about me?