29 November 2011

Somewhere to be real

"When the world can turn around and see a group of God’s people exhibiting substantial healing in the area of human relationships in their present life, then the world will take notice. ~ Francis Schaffer

Why is it that church people find it so very hard to be real with each other?

I hear of people wandering through their church experiences deeply wounded, longing for real connection, fearing judgment, unable to let down fences and guards and walls. I hear of churches deserting people in real need, dropping people who end up being sinful. I hear about pastors and parishioners without grace, without mercy, without humility.

So often Christians insist on being surprised, disappointed, afraid, angry when we find out people have failed. We accept the pretense that a Christian should have it all together. We act as though we are above sin, beyond sin, over sin.

If there is ONE PLACE where we ought to be able to be as broken as we actually are in real life, it is the church.

If there is ONE PLACE where we ought not fear if other see us fully, cracked and shattered, it is the church.

If there is ONE PLACE where we ought share our desperate need to be filled with something (actually SomeOne), who will not ooze out of us but will remain, abide, heal... it is the church.

If there is ONE PLACE where we ought practice confession and repentence, it is the church.

If there is ONE PLACE where we ought preach and teach and LIVE forgiveness and love, love, love, it is the church.

So why is it that it is so hard to be real in this one place?


Heather Steinbeck said...

In my journey (so far), I realize that I can't change "the church" at large, but I can change me (and hopefully be a pace-setter at church too)...so I start there...with me choosing authenticity and allowing others the grace to choose it too when I'm with them. :)

April said...

Wise words, Heather. I'm just now seeing comments from the last few months. Thanks for taking the time to speak truth, friend.

Anonymous said...

looking for a crochet heart tutorial and finding such comforting little texts, lucky me, thanks !
mia from Germany

Mercifully HIS said...

True people put up a good front they are fine, great highly favored then the real story comes out later and they really needed a hug and prayer!
People WE are the church, it's up to us to stop acting phoney and be who we are CHRIST LIKE, that's what Christian means!!!! Love one another, pray for one another, God will tell you what you need to know! Your friend is need, He will let you know but you have to make that connection with HIM first! Church is a place to fellowship, a place you can lay at the alter exposing your wounds and asking for healing NO CONDEMNATION!!!! If we want our "church" to be open and loving and caring it starts with US!!! God loves us right where we are but He loves us to much to allow us to stay there!