19 April 2010

The fruitful year

This year, at the beginning of May, I turn 35. I have decided to make it my "fruitful year" by embracing the gardening gene long latent within me and plant the bejeebers out of the yard of our new house.

Dennis gave me the go-ahead and so, for a pre-birthday gift, I ordered a significant load of fruits, including:

5 apple trees -- Honeycrisp, Goldrush, Pixie Crunch, Sundance, and Pristine.
2 cherry trees -- Montmorency and Sweet Stella
1 peach tree -- Contender
1 pear tree -- Honeysweet
10 raspberries -- Heritage (above)
3 Currants -- Red Lake
3 Cherry Bushes -- Nanking
2 Native Plums
2 Gooseberries -- Pixwell
2 Grape vines - Cayuga
...and a partridge for the pear tree. :)

Our yard is very large, and the trees are all semi-dwarfs, so they won't get too unmanageable. We cut down some inherited trees -- two pears and an apple -- that were unruly, old, and non-productive, so now we can have the fruit we want.

This weekend was spent digging holes. The raspberries, grape, pear and peach are in. Pristine is waiting in a trench against the garage for her sisters to be delivered. I expect to get an email notifying me of impending delivery soon. I'm eager to meet these ladies.

I'm excited. I think it's going to be a fruitful year. :)


Sarah S-D said...

SO exciting! We have a huge yard and i want fruit trees and berry bushes... totally... but when we'll find the time? not sure. maybe when i turn 35 next year! enjoy! may all this effort yield GREAT fruit!

April said...

You live in such a GREAT spot in the US to garden, especially fruit! A great resource is Landscaping with Fruit by Lee Reich. I'll be eager to see what you come up with.

Tonya said...

What fun. We dream of planting fruit trees but our current situation is not conducive. The tiny garden I do have is on a hill and in buckets but at least I have that. I do love to garden.