16 February 2010

Twenty thoughts for Tuesday

I keep starting posts and then not having time to finish them, but here are some blurbs to record...
  1. My whole family gathered in Eastern Iowa at the end of January to celebrate my brother-in-law's installation as Senior Pastor of his church. My sister leads worship at the contemporary service and their band played music that they had composed for the service. One was a song my sister wrote with her testimony. It was incredibly cool and it worked in a bird-of-prey, which made this sister laugh in the midst of tears. They are a couple who is truly gifted by God and I'm excited to see what God will do with them there in this new position.

  2. We celebrated Daniel's 3rd birthday on Feb. 7. It was a good day. I was particularly excited by the cake which was completely my own design and incorporated construction vehicles. He loved it.

  3. I have MONTHS worth of pictures to post. But I've misplaced the camera cable again. Someday there will be a place for that thing and it will be in its place. Someday.

  4. Dennis has been working like crazy on our house. He is so amazing. My dad has also been putting in a ton of time redoing the walls. They look SO good. Or they will one day, I guess. It's just awesome to see the fruits of their hard work.

  5. I gave up facebook for Lent and I started with this sacrifice a week early. It's amazing how much that cut down on my email.

  6. If I weren't in the midst of working on a big event for my alma mater and sorority at the end of April, I would just completely unplug for Lent and maybe beyond. But, unfortunately, I need to be available for some communication. Alas. I am seriously thinking that someday, we'll just get rid of the internet.

  7. We went to a Valentine's Day dinner at church on Sat. It was put on by the youth group to raise money for a mission trip and they offered free childcare. Dennis and I got to sit by each other at a card table in candlelight with lovely music, great food and truly sweet, attentive servers. It was delightful.

  8. Annalivia got sick that night. We thought perhaps it was just a fluke, since she was up and running the next day, but Daniel got sick last night. So we are quarantined and the house is a mess, but the kids are relatively happy.

  9. I wonder -- why don't children begin throwing up during the day? Why always in the middle of the night?

  10. I'm reading some really good books right now. Three of them are kicking my rear-end in three different, but related ways. It is uncomfortable, but the process of spiritual growth is such a rich process. It's neat to experience.

  11. Annalivia has, I think, arrived at the age where she wants to wear three or four different outfits. In a morning. I suppose I should be thankful this didn't come earlier.

  12. Emmeliese is getting ready to walk. We got her a walker for Christmas and she LOVES to push it, but can't turn it. This means she's thrilled for about 10 seconds as she heads across a room and then dissolves into tears and dramatic fussing until someone (usually a sibling) rescues her and turns her walker around. This process then repeats itself until someone (usually a parent) gets tired of listening to all the crying and puts the walker away for a bit.

  13. She also learned how to climb up the stairs this weekend. ALL the way up the stairs. I have no idea how, but the kids broke the junky wooden gate we had, which didn't really fit the stairs anyway. Since this is a rental, we can't afix anything to the wall permanently and the gates simply don't fit. So yesterday, I resorted to the age-old solution of turning a heavy chair on its side. And today she figured out how to move it. *sigh*

  14. We have become Olympic junkies again. I love the Olympics, especially the winter games. I don't love the way we stay up too late every. single. stinkin'. day. But the games are among the best argument for tv, I think.

  15. Since I'm watching the Olympics, I see commercials for products that I didn't know existed. Annalivia, who usually watches mostly PBS, sees them, too, and is constantly telling me about "this really great cleaner that you can buy and it makes things sparkle" and "this really great medicine that takes care of headaches and can help you be happy" and other "really great" stuff.

  16. I have also been seeing commercials for shows I didn't know existed and I think it's interesting that Spike Lee is doing a show on the lineage of famous people a few weeks after PBS began airing their version. In difficult times, are we, as a nation, yearning for examples of those who have come before us and persevered? I wonder.

  17. Speaking of non-commercial television and such -- I think it hilarious that when my children play super-heroes, Annalivia is Word Girl and Daniel is Super Why or they are from the Electric Company and use dryer lint to create word balls. They're already PBS nerds.

  18. And speaking of Daniel, one of the new developments around here is that he has a new imaginary friend. His name is Cutter-Man. I think Cutter-Man gets to use scissors freely, unlike his oppressed creator.

  19. I'm working on a new background for my blog for Lent. Did you know that there is a DEARTH of good Christian digital scrapbooking resources? Seriously -- if anyone out there is into design of digi-scrapping materials, there is an unaddressed market.

  20. I'm excited for Lent tomorrow. I LOVE Lent and though we now attend a fairly non-liturgical church that does not celebrate Lent, we are going to be observing it here at home. I hope I can share more about that tonight because I KNOW everyone will want to go to bed super-early after being up half the night with the vomiting brother. That will happen, right?


    Jim and Amy Rennie said...

    HAHAHAHA Daniel. Cutter-Man. HILARIOUS

    ~liz said...

    wow! i have so much to comment on - i kept nodding and laughing - our kids are so similar! my favorite super hero (or "bad guy") also from WordGirl is "Lady Redundant Woman."
    we are attending a zero-policy liturgical church for the first time in our whole entire marriage (however, we do love it: the teaching is GOOD, the people love Jesus, but candles and prayers of the people are a far away dream in worship for us...) so our Lenten practices at home are even more important for us this year! and we're really having fun observing it with the boys.

    April said...

    I love reading about your Lent stuff, Liz. And Word Girl is just a clever show, isn't it? Now -- to a really important topic...what's your opinion on The Electric Company?

    ~liz said...

    i honestly have seen the new ones. i LOVED it as a kid ("HEY YOU GUYS!") but we haven't seen much of it lately - i think it's on at a weird time (once a week as well?) that we're always doing something else (errands, maybe?) is it good? what do you think?

    April said...

    I, sad to say, have an unnatural appreciation for The Electric Company. I was opposed to it for a while, but my children love it and when an imaginary friend named, Hector, (also the name of the main male character) moved into our house, I was compelled to find out more about it. I have no idea how it can possibly teach kids anything about reading, but it sure is cool. :)