02 August 2009

The Special Ks

I was at our church's General Assembly this weekend. I was only there for a brief amount of time, but during that time, I got to see plenty of friends. I was especially excited to see my friend, Kara, aka Special K, aka one of the most hilarious persons on earth.

Special K was a fellow camp counselor in Kentucky when I was in seminary and she was in college. We were co-counselors many times including once for a brand-new cabin that at the time was unnamed. The other cabins in the area were named after historic members of our denomination and we suggested that the new cabins should be named for current-at-the-time leaders. Kara and I called our cabin Updegraff-Spleth after a woman who ended up leaving her position not long after that. The name did not stick, unfortunately. Pity. It was a cool name.

We were also roommates at a couple of Assemblys (Assemblies?) and together witnessed what was surely one of the most comical things I've ever seen when a man tried to run up an escalator that was headed in the "down" direction. He kept tripping, but was not to be deterred. It was the sort of thing that is horrifying, but simultaneously hysterical. Kara, who has the BEST. LAUGH. EVER., began laughing and we could not stop. I still think of that guy and smile.

Anyway, this time, I got to have dinner with Kara and meet her new-ish husband for the first time. He's perfect for her. Totally perfect. When I took their pic, she asked if she could make it to the blog. Here ya go, Special K!

Love always,

Jazzy A


ladypreacher said...
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kara k. foster said...

wow. a true dream has been realized! i always look at the beautiful blog filled with beautiful people and beautiful words and wish i could hang with them! it has come true (with some serious begging, but who cares!!) now, that this dream is realized i perhaps soon i will be on the oprah show OR playing at the showcase show down on the price is right. one day. a girl can only dream....love you, jazzy A!