23 May 2009


Emmeliese and my grandfather have a special connection. He was the second person, after Momma, she engaged in smiles. Last weekend we were at my parents' house and Gramps took the opportunity to take his little buddy to his truck to have a conversation. Emmeliese enjoyed it.


-M said...

Wow we are blessed.

Lucky Fresh said...

That is a great picture, April! You must be so glad they get to know each other.

And just because it's funny, my word verification word is "whinese". As in, the language they speak in Whina, the land of eternal whininess.

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

This is really beautiful. What a special, special picture--that is just gorgeous, April. I am so glad your grandfather is here to spend this time with Emmeliese and she gets to know him . . .it's really sweet.