20 April 2009

Conversation at bathtime

Daddy to Annalivia: Annalivia, did you draw on your kneecap today?

Annalivia: (regarding obvious penmark on knee) Ummmm...no.

Daddy: (skeptical) What happened then?

Annalivia: (thoughtfully) Weeeelllll, I think, yesterday, a little bee made a hole in my tights here (points to ankle) and crawled all the way up... and then bit me!

Daddy: Wow. (Looks at knee again) Hmmm. It sorta looks like pen...

Annalivia: It could be.


Tonya said...


Hmm. All bee's must carry a pen around with them. I am glad to know that's how my kids get ink all over their legs. Those bees sure are artistic. :):):)

musicmommy3 said...

ROFL!! I LOVED that story. :)

I also love all the pics!!! You are killing me with all that cuteness!!!!! How do you stand it??? :)