11 March 2009

Little E update

Right now, Emmeliese continues to improve, if slowly. Her oxygen saturation is up and her heart beat is a little more regulated. She got to eat this morning and afternoon and for the afternoon feeding, I was able to pump just a little bit of colostrum to give her in addition to the formula. Daddy has been taking care of the feedings, but I've been able to walk down to the nursery and back and hold her for about 10 minutes or so several times today. That's been very helpful. We also found out this afternoon that she did not have any white cells in her spinal fluid or brain and we are very, very thankful for that. So she will be here for 7-10 days instead of 14-21. Thank you, God!

Today I also got a great gift when I was able to see Annalivia and Daniel. They were very careful to be gentle with me and were excited to see Emmeliese through the window of the nursery and are obviously learning a lot of really good things from Grandma. I am surprised by how much I've missed them and how much energy I got from just seeing them for a little bit. And once again, I am reminded that my calling really IS to mommyhood -- with all its complexities.

Also -- we posted some pics of Emmeliese on Facebook. If you follow this link, you should be able to view the album. More later!

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