29 January 2009

My weird pregnancy craving

My weird pregnancy craving has hit again. I'm craving fish. And not really just any fish -- more specifically, fried fish. And even more specifically, I'm craving fried cod and walleye, preferably in a sandwich, and really only from Culver's restaurant.
This is a craving I have had during all three pregnancies, and only in the last month. It is weird because I don't usually like fish at all. Frying obviously helps fish, in my opinion, but I will admit that last week, I had it blackened at Red Lobster and the meal sort of scratched the itch. But the itch is really scratched with a good walleye sandwich at Culver's and they only bring those out at Lent around here. (Thank God all three pregnancies have been during Lent and it is quickly approaching again.) Another great thing about the sandwiches at Culver's, in addition to the fact that they taste really good to me, is that they are relatively inexpensive. And they're fast. And fairly readily available in the areas I travel.
I wonder why it is that I crave fish? Maybe I just need the DHA in the fish oil or the fatty acids or something. I have some cod liver oil in my refrigerator and I'm thinking I should take it because I literally could eat fish at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Anyone else have a weird or consistent craving during pregnancy?


The Passarelli's said...

Of course I have never been pregnant,but I do crave baked or broiled haddock or white fish with toasted butter crumb topping.

You would love it!


A. Lin said...
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A. Lin said...

During my last pregnancy, I craved carrots all the time. I would eat a pound of baby carrots (or more) just about every day. Kept constipation away, too.

Amalee Issa said...

During merci beaucoup enfant deux' pregnancy, I would do the supermarket shopping uneventfully, until I arrived at the wet fish counter. Then I'd stare, transfixed for minutes, at the fish laid out on their bed of ice. The gleaming rainbow colours running along the bellies of trout; bulging cardinal red gills of the seabass; knicker-pink sheen of the gurnard; decay-green shimmer of the spanking fresh mackerel. Didn't want to eat any of it; just stood there, like a newly released nutjob. I became less of a weirdo to the fishmongers as my pregnacy became more pronounced! Go for it, April


Susie/Nueva Cantora said...

I'm going through wheat thins with chive & onion cream cheese like there is no tomorrow, but thats it so far for cravings. I always like fried fish though...

j said...

I had a fish thing. I never really liked fish...except for the occasional fish n chips in an Irish pub or something...but when I was pregnant, I was very VERY sick for the first trimester. I would be grocery shopping and would have to make MASSIVE detours around the fish counter, because the smell was so overpowering to me, and would make me so nauseous. But then we'd go out to eat, and I would have no idea what I wanted to eat (or could stomach), so I'd read the WHOLE menu, and then inevitably, I'd be all, "Well, what do you know? The baby wants fish!!" (It was also always inevitably fried fish that I craved). I figure, listen to your body. It's doing tough work. Fish, it is. We have a Culver's here, too, though I realize they're more from your region. I heart Culver's, but probably will not crave a walleye sandwich (unless i get pregnant! In which case, there will be bigger worries than craving fish!)

Anonymous said...

Cravings?? Creamed Chicken Sandwiches and caramel apples!

Anonymous said...

Like the attitude of my dear cousin during her pregnancy..a lot of things to do.She want fish and she want it to be fried,a toasted one..gosh..I don't like it..

tiasha said...

I know this is nearly 5 months late, but I craved sliced mushrooms specifically from a can marinated in honey BBQ sauce, straight Italian dressing, and garlic. that isn't all though... i went as far as to crave it with mashed potato's and chedder cheese, all blended together in a delicious(however revolting now) meal.

Another one I had was rice and soy with... believe it or not, shredded slim jim beef jerky in it.

this all hit about my 2nd trimester or so.

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