28 December 2008

Sad-ish realization

Tonight I returned home from being with Grammy and Gramps at the hospital since this morning to find a house that was mostly clean, happy and well-fed children, the smell of loads of clean laundry and the realization that my amazing and wonderful husband is a much better homemaker/ parent than I.
At least one of us excels! :)


Sarah S-D said...

you are so blessed! but i don't think that better housekeeping equals better parenting necessarily.

my husband is proving to be a great parent, but neither of us is much of housekeeper, unfortunately.

April said...

Oh, I'd agree with you, Sarah. Good housekeeping does not equal good parenting. Thing is -- he's much better at both housekeeping AND parenting. But it's the HOMEmaking that he always impresses me with when I come back after an absence -- everything is always so much more peaceful under his direction. I think he just somehow knows what to let pass and what to pay attention to on all fronts. Stinker. :)

It may be old-fashioned, but I think homemaking (not housekeeping) is an essential part of parenting. Whatever "makes home" is what becomes part of the inner fabric of our little ones, I think. True peace should reign and Dennis is very good at that.

Sarah S-D said...

hmm... i wonder how to make a distinction between housekeeping and homemaking... i'll be chewing on that.