17 July 2008

Broken thumb, mending spirit

Annalivia broke her thumb today. She was kicking a ball around the living room and somehow slipped and landed on her thumb. She screamed and cried and fussed for a long time. I noticed it was getting black and blue and so called the doctor. And after x-rays were taken, little Annalivia ended up with a splint on her thumb.
She is doing pretty well now, but in the midst of the trauma, she was doing very poorly. In fact, at some point, she looked up from her macaroni and cheese and dramatically told me through tears, "I don't think I'm going to make it, Mommy."
Luckily she has indeed made it. So far. An ice cream cone after the x-rays may have helped a bit. We'll see how she feels when she finds out that splint has to go back on after her bath.


Andrea said...

Oh, poor little thing. That breaks my heart. I hope she's feeling much better.

Amalee Issa said...

Ouch. Poor little poppet, hope she mends quickly.