20 November 2007

Only 34 hours til Sister Hang Out night!!!

I have a favorite thing about Thanksgiving and it's not the turkey, the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, or even, (and this is about to be almost heretical) the gravy.
Nope. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the night before when my sistahs and I get together and hang out. We don't usually have any particular plan to the hanging. The last few years we've ended up at a grocery store to get whatever it is that Roo is supposed to be bringing to Thanksgiving. This year, we're assured that we won't have to do that because Roo is making stuff, so we may just go and get coffee or food or something.
Point is, we'll be together. And we'll laugh a lot and harrass each other and Marissa will probably make us have some awkward conversation about what we truly appreciate about each other. And we'll laugh then, too. I'm so excited.

And then, I'll come home to my children and their copious amounts of snot that will prevent us from going to the family Thanksgiving this year.

But that's ok, because we'll still have Sister Night. And I'll be really thankful.


Andrea said...

There is something about having sisters! I always feel the same way and I can't wait until mine are out of the "college" thing and we have more in common. =) Happy Thanksgiving!

more cows than people said...

o.k., so strange, but i had a dream about your sisters last night. i don't remember the details, but i happened to meet two of your sisters walking down my childhood street in my hometown.

i sort of expected there would be a post about your sisters today.

my sister is cross country so we won't be together. wish we would.

have a blast.

Dusty said...

I am so happy for you, and slightly envious as both of my sisters will spend Thanksgiving with their husbands' families this year and only I (and my little family) will go to my mom's. :(

Jan said...

What fun! I don't have sisters or brothers, so I envy you the fun you'll have.