30 June 2006

A dubious fellow

I don't think I believe Enrique on PBS' Dragon Tales. One day he's from Colombia (should be said with a Columbian accent.) The next he's referencing murals in Puerto Rico. One day he's teaching Emmy and Max songs about hot chocolate in Espanol. The next he just so happens to know Ord's dragon painting song sung because it's supposedly sung by his abuelita.
I'm not falling for it. It seems to me that he's a too convenient, all-purpose Hispanic character. Has he ever even been to Colombia? How come he never references drug cartels or the overwhelming problems with poverty? And if he knows about hot chocolate how come says he's never seen snow?
It's all a little too convenient, if you ask me. I'm keeping my eye on that Enrique.


Jeff C said...

Ok...BUT what does he say about coffee?!! Do the words Juan Valdez ever cross his lips?!!

Kalin said...

"Hot chocolate" might be Colombian slang for "black tar heroin." I don't know, I'm just throwing out ideas from my extensive exprience studying Hispanic cultures in high school (aka "Kalin visits freetranslation.com for four years").